tisdag, oktober 31, 2006

Yesterday news


So it finally begins to sink in with the big boys too. (english readers: EMI boss says "cd dead".)
Like, hate to say I told you so. (english readers: Hybris boss says "cd dead" long time ago.)

Actual conversation taking place over two years ago:
- Hybris boss1: The CD is dead.
- Hybris boss2: Yeah.
- Hybris boss1: Wanna start a record company?
- Hybris boss2: Yeah!
- Hybris boss1: Yeah!

Then again. Fidel Castro is alive, punk's not dead. The Phantom never dies and you live to let live, or was it live to let die. Can't remember. Anyway, important thing about the decline of the CD here seems to be:
EMI wisdom: flog a dead horse.
Hybris wisdom: give it a funeral worthy of a cultural ikon. Shoot it out of a cannon! Mourn it with class. Give it the kiss of death with respect and slowly embrace the memory and transform into the new you. Create and become the future. Don't be a victim of your sorrows, carry the past with you like a smiling diamond. It is how you handle defeat you define your charachter, not that you were defeated. etc. osv!

Something like that. Yeah.

Violin player quota full!

Open letter to the new cultural attaché in Stockholm:

We loveThe Hidden Cameras and Final fantasy too! (For english readers: suggestion to end encouragement of Graffitipainters to paint in school and force bored sevenyear olds to play violin in school instead).
It's just that the music biz has a quota for violinplayers and it's full. Jens Lekman already has a violinplayer too, so it's next to impossible to get employment as a violin player theese days!
However, there are A LOT of grey walls and depressing environments everywhere, we need Graffiti artists! Artists that can push the bounderies, show us new ways to paint, expressing themselves etc. osv. So re-consider!

Of course, the new cultural attaché is firmly rooted in the 18th century culture, where promoting violin as a school subject is completly natural. So she obviously does not use this kind of 21st century means of communication as blogs. Lucky us, cause we just purchased a telegraph since our pigeon post died. The Telegraph certainly is a more effective way of communicating with goverment employees, like the new cultural attaché of Stockholm for example. Those damn pigeons are way too easy to distract. All those crazy ladies in the park feeding them tons and tons of breadcrumbs can delay a message several hours!

Anyway, here is what we sent to the new cultural attaché in Stockholm:


måndag, oktober 30, 2006

Tip of the day: La Blogotheque

Considering all the amount of bad, as in bad = boring, stuff at Youtube/The Internet it's incredibly refreshing to stumble upon something that actually rewards you in a way like reward = make you feel you have grown a bit like a human being, made the day easier to carry etc. osv.

La Blogotheque gives that reward once in a while. It's basically just som french guys filming artists doing their songs live in some environment except the stage. Easy, fun and inspiring. Internet don't get any better than this kids.

Check it out:

All videos from La blogotheque

We wish it would be more common amongst friends to walk around and sing like this once in a while:

onsdag, oktober 18, 2006

Hybris second monthly club!

It's time for the second Hybris monthly club at O-baren in Stockholm! As usual, the last thursday of the month. As usual, great artists, free entrance, great DJs, cheap bar and fine people!

This month, thursday 26th: Kalle J and Familjen Live! Hybris and Kalle J DJs!

You all know about Kalle J. The pop prodigy that couldn't stop cutting and pasting and bending those songs. Familjen is pop sung in swedish with a warmth so warm that it's hard to believe it's computers and machines that produces the background beats. It's like a heart pumping out music. That's how warm it is! Happiness is a warm family.

Check em out:
Kalle J


See you there friends!


Vapnet - New single - Färjemansleden!

The second single from Vapnets debut album "Jag vet hur man väntar" has been released! This time they have joined up with Annika Norlin aka Hello Saferide.

The song is about growing up in the countryside and budding love.

Download it!

fredag, oktober 13, 2006

Good: It's a trap reviews + Bad: El perro del mar cancelled

Good afternoon workers and carefree people,

First the semi-bad news: the show with El perro del mar at Ugglan in Stockholm has been cancelled(Yes it's friday the 13th! höövva). That, however, took care of our problem with Hybris-shows colliding at the same night! Nothing bad that has not got something good with it, etcetera.

So now it's an easy choice for tonight, if you are in Stockhom anyway: Andreas Mattsson at the killer club Bring all your friends over at Landet, Telefonplan! So bring 'em! We will. See you there.

Nice friday read:
Those yanks that never sleeps, only listen to swedish music and updates the hell out of us lazy swedes has reviewed both Kalle J:s album and Biker boys EP. And they like 'em! Like we do.
Top quotes:
"Peter Lundbergh(Biker boy) delivers to his public four stellar tracks of electronic pop music. Akin to the Pet Shop Boys and The Smiths, Lundbergh's music possesses lighthearted playful melodies and danceable instrumentation with the vocal delivery combination of a Morrissey croon and the spoken aspect of Nick Cave, albeit in a slightly more pained aspect."
"The songs(Kalle J:s) have enough tempo to become hits in all of the discotheques, if not just in Sweden, but all the world over."

And bonus quote:
"Everytime I hear a new record released by Hybris, it gets me thinking that not only is Hybris one of the most ambitious pop labels on the planet right now, but also one of the best."

What can we say? We think it's one of those rare moments Harry Martinsson would have called "Radiumsekunden" - a short millisecond when you see everything exactly like it is and understand how things work. This time we even have the words to have described that millisecond. Thank you It's a trap. The weekend starts fine!

Have a great weekend!


måndag, oktober 09, 2006

Coming up!

Hiya all!

This week it's friday the 13th! The bad luck day. And in a way it's bad luck, but in a good way. Because this friday both Andreas Mattsson and El perro del mar is playing in Stockholm, but in different places!

Andreas Mattsson is playing at the fine club Bring all your friends "over at Landet, Telefonplan.
El perro del mar plays with Frida Hyvönen at Ugglan. The night is curated by The Concretes that has chosen the bands and plays records!

But do not despair! Stockholm has several very good taxi companies. We recommend Taxi Stockholm to solve the dilemma!

Other stuff to look forward to is the Hell on wheels sunday brunch DJ-gig over at the café Louie Louie in Stockholm october 22. It's Fritz corner that handles the sundays over at Louie Louie for all of you that wants to spend some quality time on a sunday as well.

This Hybris Monthly Club at O-baren will be held thursday 26 october. Confirmed live band so far is Kalle J! More infrmation about that night will appear here shortly.

See you there friends!

fredag, oktober 06, 2006

Andreas Mattsson - New single and video!

Hello darlings,

The second single from Andreas Mattsson's praised solo debut is released! "So old it's new" is available free for download from our website as of right now!
Download the iPod-friendly video as well at our website or watch it right now at Youtube

Or here!

The video has been directed by the fantastic Mattias Johansson that made the beautiful Thoméegränd video for Vapnet.

Download the single here!

* * *

Coming up
In the coming week(s) we have another two new single releases: Hell on Wheels and Vapnet. In the next month or so new releases from Sibiria and our new friends in The Sweptaways will be available as well!
A lot of more information about this will come, promise!

* * *

onsdag, oktober 04, 2006

Hybris Music Television!

Since a while ago we have added favorite music videos to a playlist over at Youtube. As of now there are 1476 videos and counting, hand picked by the Hybris staff for your viewing pleasure.

You can scroll through all of them and watch right here:

It will take a while. But it's an educational time waster(and entertaining!).

måndag, oktober 02, 2006

Montt Mardié and Vapnet interviews!

Recommended reading:

It's a trap, the US site dedicated to all things nordic in the field of music, has posted two nice interviews. One with Montt Mardié and one with Vapnet!