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torsdag, januari 20, 2011

All that I know is I'm fallin

I don't know about my love.
I don't know about my lovin anymore.
All that I know is
I'm fallin, fallin, fallin, fallin.
Might as well fall in.

I don't know about my dreams.
I don't know about my dreamin anymore.

The kids are back in town! Hell on Wheels releases new single “Baby”

Hell on Wheels are back! The new single “Baby” is the first new song from the band since Pitchfork-loved (and Nöjesguiden-hated) album Odd Church from 2006.

Download here:

As the new record took almost four years to finish, Hell On Wheels may not be the fastest rolling inferno in the world – but hey, when they come out from the studio with hits like this, they sound better than all your new favourite hipster bands of the month. Why? Because when you get Hell on Wheels, you get something else. They are true. They started this monster more than 10 years ago, and they still stick to the master plan (that’s dedication pal!). But you all know this, in your heart. That though it may not be the new kids from the block, Hell on Wheels have the biggest indie hearts in the world.

It’s still rock, as we see it – rock not rock™ – but 2011 is the year when Hell on Wheels are so close to pop that one song on the forthcoming album unintentionally got the nickname “the rock song”.

Roll with it!

”..The Odd Church is full of great blasts of manic guitar and manic-er melodies, played with breakneck abandon by a group with the unlikely talent for referencing a range of influences — the Pixies, the Ramones, Phil Spector, even Belle & Sebastian here and there — while sounding completely confident and vital”
- Stephen M. Deusner, Pitchfork

”Some of the finest rock you’ll hear anytime, anywhere.”
- Tim Sendra, All Music Guide

fredag, januari 14, 2011

Jonathan Johansson spring 2011

Soon. Single february. Album march.