måndag, augusti 20, 2007

I bet you look good on the dancefloor

I bet you do honey. This saturday you got the chance to show it too.

torsdag, augusti 16, 2007

Eastcoast next saturday!

With Boat club and My Darling You live!

PSL, The Organisation and Hybris DJs!


tisdag, augusti 14, 2007

The Future is Anywhere you want it

www.anywhere.fm - The Future

To make a short history shorter:
Anywhere.fm is a site where you can upload your entire iTunes library with one(1)klick. Complete with your playlists and all. After that one(1) klick, all your music is available to you wherever there's Internet and most important: it's available for anyone else to listen too as well!

We love Anywhere.fm

It's still in Beta and features are added by the day. Soon this thing will be the killer app of the century. Knock yourself out and listen to one of our iTunes libraries:

www.anywhere.fm/hybris - Do it!

5000 songs uploaded so far - 65 000 to go.

Step by step, the future is taking shape - and it's happening with 0% help from the major labels.

lördag, augusti 11, 2007

Tony Wilson - RIP

Tony Wilson RIP. Our main inpsiration. The Father Figure. Goodbye.