tisdag, juni 24, 2008

Whatever happened to Spacehog?

Hello children and welcome to history class.

We know you have been wandering restlessly and having trouble to sleep. The question has been nagging you. Like a splinter in the eye. You know that some piece is missing. What, WHAT!, you say,happened to Spacehog? Now finally we will give your troubled mind ease.

A short recap of Spacehogs entire career:

Nowadays they have an unbelievable crappy band called ARCKID(!?). They were hell bent on finding a worse name then Spacehog we guess. They seem to be drinking buddies with Joaquin Phoenix because he directed their video. Tip to Joaquin Phoenix: don't give up your dayjob etc. osv. m m

Juvelen live in NYC!

Still a few dates left to catch him! Don't miss! Don't mess!

By the power of Familjen

Famijen - Feber
Fan made video. Good work kid!

söndag, juni 22, 2008


Ok, the FRA law was passed in Sweden. That makes Sweden in the top when it comes to surveillance. At last, after all these years of sliding in different charts like BNP, wellfare index etc we are number one again!
Sure, sure, sure, North Korea got their camps, Belarus their state controlled media, Zimbabwe the zero tolerance in politics and China their pro no-free speach. But we got technology, infrastructure and ordnung! We got our shit together here. And we got money, lots and lots of money, for state activities. The FRA law is what dictators dream of. Endless resources, top notch programmers, THE algorithms and a no holds barrels surveillance hoopla 24/7. If we didn't have any enemies we will probably find them with the surveillance stuff that we are about to put in effect.

Anyway. With all the media hype going on the days prior to the law passing we would like to point out just one thing: the young politicians that was steered to voting 'Yes' for the law should not be made paria.

It's like this: the frakking FRA law exists and there are a few people that can do something about it.

So, Karl Sigfrid, Fredrick Federley, Annie Johansson and any of your pals that are up for it, it's go time. You were frakked up in the first couple of rounds. This thing will go all the way. Time waits for no one, get up and fight. Right now you are loosers beyond all possible belief. Winners are people with definite purpose in life. Make it your frakking purpose to destroy this frakking law. Bottom up. DO IT!

We expect your clear statement that you will make this your purpose and the very exact and precise plan of how you will achieve your goal. The statement and plan should be made public at the end of July at the latest. In failing to do so, all bets will be off and this could very well be the beginning of the end for you.

onsdag, juni 18, 2008

Crocket and Tubbs

They were so ying and yang, and yet the same. Deep!

Black guy in Miami vice makes some kind of low-key ultra not-so-hetero Sylvester inspired music 1985:

White guy in Miami vice make some kind of high-key ultra hetero Huey lewis and the news inpsired music 1986

Sylvester video for reference:

Huey Lewis and the news video for reference:

Best swedish 80s dancing

It's a tough call. Two mega-classics with different set ups, different styles. The energy and spontaneous feeling of So what is hard to beat but the shoulder movement and hardcore coordinated moves from Lili and Sussi is totally hypnotic(the shoulder movements!).

tisdag, juni 17, 2008

A brief note on the FRA debate

It can be stopped. Nothing is impossible.


on Eileen

lördag, juni 14, 2008

Kapten min Kapten

onsdag, juni 11, 2008

The Kid - New single - Transient Dance!

Download and listen to the new The Kid single "Transient dance" here!

Order the album from our shop! The album is released June 18.

tisdag, juni 10, 2008

FRA - They lie with such ease

For more info about the stuff below - head here.

We know Sweden will play Greece today and there are important things to discuss about the match, but this is pretty important too. On the 17th of June, the swedish parliament will(probably) vote "Yes" for a new law allowing our most secret of secret computer nerds tap-wiring our every move on the Internet and most of our phone conversations without asking, having a reason to do so or knowing what they look for.

The organisation(that would be called The Organisation if this was the X-files and not reality) is calledFRA. For a long time nobody gave a shit about FRA. Essentially what they did was trying to pick up obscure messages sent out through telegraf by drunk KGB spies to other equally drunk KGB spies. Spite them being drunk, Sweden only caught one KGB Spy ever. Drunk spy seem to beat sober spy any day.

Aaanyways, our sober computer nerd spys over at the FRA have noticed that communication today happens a lot on the Internet. And that a lot of people have Internet. This is complicated. A lot of people didn't have old spy gear as longwave radios, telex, carrier pigeons and whatnot. It was easy to eavesdrop for spy activity before(although it never(except for one time!) paid off). So, what to do, what to do - YES!! GENIUS FLASH FROM THE IT DEPARTMENT! LETS WIRETAP EVERYONE ALL THE TIME FOR ALL ETERNITY EVERY SECOND! How convenient. Just like North Korea 2.0 Excellent(Mr Burns-fingers)

In short the hardcore implications of this will be: All your emails will be logged, saved and looked at, especially(but not needed) if they contain dangerous words like Muhammed, Al shmake rahat shamke(bad impersonation of Arab language), Bomb cake, IED, George Bush, Iraq etc. osv. m m Additionally all your Internet activity, all the homepages you visit will be logged. And on top of that every file you send to someone else will be inspected. And oh, if you're lucky your phone conversations will be recorded. Makes you feel just comfy, doesn't it.

Wuppsi duppsi da aint they clever. Now let us reflect on the IMPECCABLE, FLAWLESS politicians that we have. Heck, let us reflect on the IMPECCABLE, FLAWLESS humans that we have, that we are. Humans make basically no mistakes and does never ever ABUSE anything. Let alone using INFORMATION about someone else for BLACKMAILING someone or doing some other nasty thing for nasty purposes. Noooo, who would get totally crazy ideas like that? Not would any politician or evil no-gooder use information to get what they want? And information by the way, isn't computer systems just IMPECCABLE and FLAWLESS? Never leaking information? Never getting hacked?

It's this simple: WHATEVER CAN GO WRONG, WILL GO WRONG. It's a universal rule. This system WILL fuck shit up. It WILL be abused. It WILL cause a lot of harm.

And just for the record: there are no terrorists threats against Sweden. GROW THE FUCK UP! Read a John Le Carré or a Frederick Forsyth book if you want excitment. Or become a US citizen for some real nitty gritty spy activity. Don't turn Sweden into East Germany light. We couldn't even get terrorists to get excited even when one of our least credible artists tried to do a really, really unimportant, uncreative and unartistic artwork based on their profet. How will we ever attract terrorists when not even the worst of our worst can gather some attention? Our biggest political impact since Olof Palme was when a jewish artist pissed of the jewish embassy for doing a(pretty good) installation about a suicide bomber. Last time we checked, pissing of Israel was a major bona fide plus in avoiding terrorist threats.

Ok, that was it we think. Sweden will be a democracy that spys on all its citizens doing on the Internet, just because we can. And they do it in the name of the war on terror mainly. Of course the system will be abused and used for everything besides the war on terror.

David Geffen, Virgin, said about the Clintons "Everybody in politics lies, but they [the Clintons] do it with such ease, it's troubling.". We have had this frase ringing in our ears reading about our politicians doing all sorts of sick statements about the "need" to spy on the whole country. What is the upside, really? Creating 1984 trying to grasp 2008 is not really how you come to terms with a chaotic world in flux. Deal with the real issues, put your neck out there and make some change instead.

Remember this: all you members of parliament will be carefully watched June 17. You will have your names written down and we will not forget who sold us out.


Parken is the best new music

TID: 15:00

Only band you'll need to see at Hultsfred really, besides Familjen.

UPDATE: SVT Player is not the best new video player.

onsdag, juni 04, 2008

TIAC - Management - Video!

A day in the life of TIAC:

Director: Mattias Bäcklin

tisdag, juni 03, 2008

Biker boy - June song - new single for download!

June song by Biker boy. A light breezy pop disco classic for bright summer nights!

The remix by gothenburgs own Mr Pedro.
June song download link

June song remix download link