måndag, juni 22, 2009

No more I love yous

Two versions, two pieces of magic.




74 000 fans kan inte ha fel.


lördag, juni 13, 2009


fredag, juni 12, 2009

Shout out

Here's a shout out to three totally unrelated things:
1. Russian punks from the 80s in picture above
2. Sublimes 90s hit "Santeria"
3. Warmer Climes blog about Swedish Indie and Gay Porn. Genius in so many ways. (NSFW)

torsdag, juni 11, 2009

Biker boy - Where do you go to? - New single and album!

It's summer and here are the new single from Biker boy! Download Where do you go to(my lovely)? Biker boys version of the Peter Sarstedt classic:

Biker boy - Where do you go to(my lovely)?

Biker boy - Where do you go to(Mr Bananas remix)

Also, released on Spotify and iTunes, the Biker boy album Calendar and Calendar rmx:
Biker boy - Calendar (Spotify link)

Biker boy - Calendar rmx (Spotify link)

Calendar at iTunes:
Biker Boy - Calendar

Calendar rmx at iTunes:
Biker Boy - Calendar RMX

tisdag, juni 09, 2009


World premiere for three new songs by Hell On Wheels!

Hell on Wheels will play live in Nudie Jeans Concept Store Stockholm, Åsögatan 75 on Wednesday 7:30 pm (CET). Be there at seven o'clock!

Or watch it all streaming here:

Jonathan Johanssons sommarblogg

Läs HÄR!

måndag, juni 08, 2009

När du är ung

fredag, juni 05, 2009



What are we doing in this dive bar
How can you live in a place like this
Why don't you just get into my car
and I'll take you away I'll take that kiss now, but

tisdag, juni 02, 2009

This week in Hybris

Attention! Some fast and furious news from Hybris. This week holds a lot of happenings:

Juvelen will play live in London:
Wed 3rd The Factory at Proud Galleries Camden
Thu 4th YoYo at Notting Hill Arts Club
Fri 5th Kill Em All at Queen of Hoxton

Jonathan Johansson Remix by Fredrick Karlsson:

Jonathan Johansson - En hand i himlen(En fot i graven rmx)

The Sweptaways live on the National Sweptawaysday june 6! First at Debaser Slussen 17.00 and then at Riche 22.00. Thus covering all facets of modern day swedish society!

Montt Mardié live at the Climate carneval in Björns trädgård friday