fredag, oktober 06, 2006

Andreas Mattsson - New single and video!

Hello darlings,

The second single from Andreas Mattsson's praised solo debut is released! "So old it's new" is available free for download from our website as of right now!
Download the iPod-friendly video as well at our website or watch it right now at Youtube

Or here!

The video has been directed by the fantastic Mattias Johansson that made the beautiful Thoméegränd video for Vapnet.

Download the single here!

* * *

Coming up
In the coming week(s) we have another two new single releases: Hell on Wheels and Vapnet. In the next month or so new releases from Sibiria and our new friends in The Sweptaways will be available as well!
A lot of more information about this will come, promise!

* * *