onsdag, februari 27, 2008

Familjen - Huvudet i Sanden - New video!

Director: Johan Söderberg!

New albums and singles!

It's springtime in february, who would have guessed. Al Gore probably. Here is some suggestions to fall in love with:

Vapnet - New single! - Plötsligt händer det inte

TIAC - New album! - Overstaying the welcome

Familjen - New rmx album! - Huvudet i sanden

Rubies - New album! - Explode from the center

Order them all at as digital releases or at Hybris store!

söndag, februari 24, 2008



If you feel like you got too much politics there you can lobotomize your brain with this:

fredag, februari 22, 2008


Jimmy scott never stops taking our breath away. He was born one of ten children to Arthur and Justine Scott in Cleveland, OH, on July 17, 1925, and he first sang in church. His mother was killed in a car accident when he was 13, leaving him to be raised by foster parents. He suffered from a rare hereditary condition called Kallmann's Syndrome that prevented him from experiencing puberty, such that he stopped growing when he was less than five feet tall and his voice never changed from a boy soprano's.

Shouldnt all that info be enough for you to forget about The Klaxons once and for all?


(or is it? spooky, weird Twin peaks)

Best cover ever.

Only singer that can make Madonna cry


"Jimmy Scott is perhaps the most unjustly ignored American singer of the 20th century"
The New York Times Magazine

"Jimmy Scott is the only singer who can make me cry"

"Jimmy Scott had soul way back when people weren't using the word"
Ray Charles

"The most extraordinary voice I've ever heard in my life"
Lou Reed

Heaven on earth

You know it is, because I just discovered Parken is available as a Free download


torsdag, februari 21, 2008


Åt helvete med den:



Rome wasnt built in a day. Gotta start somewhere

The Swedish Model

English version

tisdag, februari 19, 2008

Outside music

There is a small world outside music worth taking part of.

For philosophy we recommend:

And politics:

torsdag, februari 14, 2008


Watch this slightly more slimfaced Zlatan Ibrahimovic-impersonator mime to a great classic by Paul Weller.

tisdag, februari 12, 2008

In the news

Short wrap up of this past weeks news:

Global warming is wrecking havoc.

PM DAWN stands for the 90s comeback of the century

My god, the song, the video. Magic. Eddie Murphy pre-animated fatty movies too.

And probably because of global warming this song feels just right in the beginning of February:

Also, a panel of powerful people finally buried the common opinion that "Generation X" - people born in the 70s that is - was an ironic, laidback generation. For fxxxs sake, people born in the seventies took themselves way to serious in the 90s. They still do. They are clowns that cry on the inside etc. osv. bl a m m. Not that it's a bad thing. Case in point:


This shit was DEAD SERIOUS. Ok.

More: We love USA. Please elect Barack Obama for your president. It might sound big, but the entire future of the world depends on it. We know that, because we are smart , read books and have the ability to think ahead. Just like Christopher Walken in The Dead Zone we can sort of see the future, but in a less clear way.
We even like Black eyed pees guy, thats how fantastic Obama is.

Dead Z

We hear you Randy!

Until next time, we just love you.

Moving 2008

Best moving pictures of 2008 so far

They do performances in underground galleries too

måndag, februari 11, 2008

Great x 3

Making a long story short:

Our new act Rubies got a single out as of today! "I feel electric" is released digitally. Remix by Max Essa and version by Studio! Album is up early March. Check it out, buy it.

Listen to the single and Studio version of Room without a key.

And check out the video!

Also - the new Vapnet single 'Plötsligt händer det inte' and the TIAC album "Overstaying the welcome" is available for pre-order at our website. Get them while their hot! Shipping within 2 weeks.

Until next time, we just love you.

torsdag, februari 07, 2008


Cinema has been pretty much downhill ever since.

måndag, februari 04, 2008


The laid back little month of February is now released as a single over at Biker boys Myspace

Even more laid back remix available since as well.

Free download first week every month! Get it while it's hot!

söndag, februari 03, 2008

My definition of a boombastic sunday

Boombastic Jazz:

fredag, februari 01, 2008


Just thought we should point that out.