söndag, november 21, 2010

You're the whisper of a Summer breeze

And more than
Heaven knows
You're gonna see
I'm gonna run, I'm gonna try
I'm gonna take this love
Right to ya
All my heart, all the joy
Oh baby, baby please

lördag, november 13, 2010


Pure class. That's entertainment.

torsdag, november 11, 2010

Men with medieval dance

A midget, medieval times theme complete with town party and all. Ending with snapshots of 1. Jet plane firing missile 2. Two men and an old lady from presumably 19th century/early 20th 3. Some kind of missile 4. Photo of haystack and men and women that gathered the haystack, probably 19th century. 5 Photo of horse with horseman changing 6. Back to missile but with some other crap thrown in as well. 6. End with 19th century photo of horse getting its shoe changed by horsemen. WELL OF COURSE!
Would give one billion dollars to have been present at the meeting with band, management, video director and listen to the pitch.

The eighties will never be toppled.

onsdag, november 10, 2010

Still got an accent after 35 years in this snow

oh no, i don't follow you
'cus you´re clearly delusional, all of you
in here we a family, i know it bothers you
feeling left out of our little rendez vous
boo, it's a scary thought i know
that my brother's bilingual and minutes ago
i was talking to my mother in law
still got an accent after 35 years in this snow
whoa, what a horrible crime
cooking something that i've never seen in my life
and she's scared of this sweden that you vote and she paid for
modern, enlightened, i heard when you said so..


but tell me how it feels out in the cold
when the hate that you breed is coming for your soul
once again ignorance is hiding
wolf in a sheeps suit and tie crying

söndag, november 07, 2010

”Han gick inte, han rann fram. Ögonen var som brunnar.”

onsdag, november 03, 2010

A vote for This is Head, Palpitation and Monty is a vote for freedom

Now official. Gaffa nominees for best newcomers and hit of the year.

No we didn’t rig this one, we didn’t use our political contacts and we don’t own Gaffa. We might have gone Rupert Murdoch on a couple of media oriented publications in the past but this is simply the payoff after years of hard work. Well deserved you might say. For us it’s just a way of life, this is what we do. 24/7 all year round and the only thing we ask from you in return is that you vote. Follow your heart and you’ll make the right choice, but just to point you in the right direction: “En till Himmel” is this years big hit and This is Head and Palpitation are the only options for best newcomers of 2010. Just click on Pedro below and you will be transported to a place where you will spend the most important few minutes of 2010. Go vote. Make us proud. You are the chosen one.