tisdag, oktober 31, 2006

Yesterday news


So it finally begins to sink in with the big boys too. (english readers: EMI boss says "cd dead".)
Like, hate to say I told you so. (english readers: Hybris boss says "cd dead" long time ago.)

Actual conversation taking place over two years ago:
- Hybris boss1: The CD is dead.
- Hybris boss2: Yeah.
- Hybris boss1: Wanna start a record company?
- Hybris boss2: Yeah!
- Hybris boss1: Yeah!

Then again. Fidel Castro is alive, punk's not dead. The Phantom never dies and you live to let live, or was it live to let die. Can't remember. Anyway, important thing about the decline of the CD here seems to be:
EMI wisdom: flog a dead horse.
Hybris wisdom: give it a funeral worthy of a cultural ikon. Shoot it out of a cannon! Mourn it with class. Give it the kiss of death with respect and slowly embrace the memory and transform into the new you. Create and become the future. Don't be a victim of your sorrows, carry the past with you like a smiling diamond. It is how you handle defeat you define your charachter, not that you were defeated. etc. osv!

Something like that. Yeah.


Anonymous Anonym said...

What has the Adios GNU/Linux-distro to do with the CD being dead (as a medium of dsitributing music)?

Blogger HYBRIS STHLM said...

Well, the Linux program is on a CD that says "Adios". Spanish for goodbye... as in CD dead etc.
And the hat looked funny too.


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