onsdag, april 25, 2007

Hybris monthly club!

Yay, yay, yay! It's that time of month again when you recieve your
a) Paycheck
b) Social welfare check
Either way you can come to our monthly club tomorrow Thursday 26 at O-baren! (If you are in Stockholm that is). Free entrance, adjusted beer prices for low income, great music and the nicest people! Same concept as always!
Live: TDX and Arteries
DJing by Call it what you want and Hybris!

onsdag, april 18, 2007

Montt mardiés album released today!

Yes! Finally it's here in all its glory! Montt mardiés long-awaited double album "Clocks/Pretender" is released. Didn't take long until the rave reviews started popping up(all in swedish though).

The swedish version of The Sun - Expressen gave it 4/5

Swedish eqivalence to The Guardian - Dagens Nyheter - made it the main review of the week.

And even the countryside got it.
4/5 in Kristianstadsbladet - sort of The Sheffield Weekly or something like that.

Since the biggest music magazine in Sweden - Sonic - hailed Montt with a four spread article already with the february issue and gave the album thumbs up in the current issue it's safe to say that everybody agrees for once. Evening-, daily-, country- and musicpress united! Montt mardié sweeping the nation!

Buy the record


onsdag, april 11, 2007

Vapnet album released today!

Today the new album by Vapnet - Något dåligt nytt har hänt is released! The track "Tjernobyl" is spinning on swedish radio and "Håll ihop" with Jens Lekman on guest vocals is already a minor spring hit.

Get the album in our shop! Always the best prices on Hybris releases.

Familjen - The recap

Familjen - Already played half of Sweden. Other half coming up in the next month. Hultsfredsfestivalen, Emmabodafestivalen, Arvikafestivalen, Siestafestivalen, Re:publik festivalen, Storsjöyran ready for the summer. Andreas Tilliander joined his already ace live show, making it ace beyond ace, starstop more than you can say. Featured in Musikbyrån at SVT x 2 in a row, got the best reviews ever by everybody, new video is ace, palm trees at myspace, rex the dog joins the fanclub. Lists his inpspiration here:

See you out on the floor!

söndag, april 08, 2007

Montt mardiés new album available now!

Yep, Montt mardiés double album is available now. Clocks/Pretender can be bought over at CDON as an exclusive mp3 release. The CD itself hits the stores april 18.

And of course the Mp3:s over at CDON is hassle free, DRM-Free and all that.

Get it here

lördag, april 07, 2007

The biz from the vaults and two favourites!

Ah, the biz, the crrrrrraaazy biz. Watch this clip by the two former members of The Turtles remembering their hassling managers back in the heyday of the 60s and the 70s:

Fantastic! The Biz do continue to amaze upon to this day. Sometimes Hybris and The Biz meets. It usually goes down something like this.

Here are two bonus favs from the HYBRIS HQ

Starting with this one, refreshing:

No Coca-cola products, No Nestlé products. Yeah!

And this one, pure magic, genius on so many levels:

Broken feather, shattered glass. Yeah!

That's all edutainment we have you for today. Class dismissed.


torsdag, april 05, 2007

Kom! Kom! Kom!

Familjen Kom säger dom

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From Familjens debut album. Want more, buy it!

tisdag, april 03, 2007


We just released a fantastic album by Familjen together with Adrian records. You all know that by know. My god what a great album it is. Warm, fast, including, sharp, everything at once and still never enough. You just want more! More of that soothing and yet so thrilling skånska dialect of him, only way to sing in swedish in a stoned rose fashion.

Anyhoo, here are two clips that perfectly illustrate the difference between Familjen and the equally magnificent Montt mardié seen through the eyes of Miami vice:

Miami Vice Familjen style:

Miami Vice Montt mardié style:

Montt mardiés masterpiece will of course, as said before, be releases april 18. It's a two CDs no-holds-barrel affair so brace yourself. It's orchestras, duets, Ol' blue eyes, big swirling dancesteps and long night pushers. A feeling for every mood and every one of them makes the most of it. Kind of if Top gun was made in the 60s with Phil Collins as tailmate. Maverick!