lördag, augusti 26, 2006

Montt Mardié interviewed and Pluto

Two very important facts you need to know about:

Pluto does exist!

Montt mardié is interviewed on Itsatrap!

måndag, augusti 21, 2006

Kalle J!

Our latest full length album release was Kalle Js "Om du lyssnar noga". For all you non-swedish talkers out there that means "If you listen carefully".

As a service to you non-swedes we give you a short introduction of what the swedish press thought about the album. See below.

But first! The video to the single "B.G.I.T" from the album:

Press quotes:
Expressen 4/5
"Kalle J makes music that will turn over other stuff as peripheral things like dancefloors or furnitures in a teenage bedroom"

SVD 4/6
"..a cross between Khonnor, Johan Ekelund and The Avalanches...balearic DIY-pop that shines as brightest the closer it gets to pure house"

GD 3/5
"..traditional pop and modern restless youth. If the world was a better place all the art-chicks would go for Kalle J rather then James Blunt"

Shaktar 8/10
"Funny thing about Kalle J:s debut is that it woke up something angry insde of me, raving about "Fuck I hate all the fuckers that wont get how fucking great this is".
I don't know why.
I haven't been this way since my high school classmates tried to beat me cause I liked The Prodigys "Out of space"."

Norra västerbotten 4/5
"Deserves to be the hype of the summer 2006...stands with one foot in euphoria and the other one in a frisky intoxication of life"

There you have it!

Buy it at our store!

This post was inspired by Fox news broadcasting corp. motto Fair & Balanced

söndag, augusti 20, 2006

Biker boy live at Landet!

Friday the 25th august Biker boy gives one of his rare live performances at Landet in Stockholm. If you are one of the lucky 1 million living there, go!
Some facts about the night:
Place: Landet
Live: Biker boy and Kissing mirrors
DJs: Svenska musikklubben and Hybris!

Biker boy released his debut EP this spring at Hybris with the killer song "You got me wrong" as the single track:

Recorded in Milano, it's a fine gem.

Autumn last year he also released a cd-r with another great track, "Heart":

Hell on wheels at All Music Guide

The mighty All Music Guide gave our fine act Hell on wheels some fine words recently for their album "The odd church:
"some of the finest rock you'll hear anytime, anywhere."
The album got 4/5 stars and was awarded the pretty rare "AMG Album Pick" rating as well!

The whole review here: The Odd Curch AMG Review

The first single from the album, "Alexandr", has a fine video:

Soon a new single and video from the album will be released!

Vapnet - Pitchfork review

Vapnet - Thoméegränd

This is the video to Vapnets fine song "Thoméegränd.

Pitchfork had a fine review of the Vapnet album "Jag vet hur man väntar" that features the song as well:

Vapnet Pitchfork review


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