tisdag, oktober 31, 2006

Violin player quota full!

Open letter to the new cultural attaché in Stockholm:

We loveThe Hidden Cameras and Final fantasy too! (For english readers: suggestion to end encouragement of Graffitipainters to paint in school and force bored sevenyear olds to play violin in school instead).
It's just that the music biz has a quota for violinplayers and it's full. Jens Lekman already has a violinplayer too, so it's next to impossible to get employment as a violin player theese days!
However, there are A LOT of grey walls and depressing environments everywhere, we need Graffiti artists! Artists that can push the bounderies, show us new ways to paint, expressing themselves etc. osv. So re-consider!

Of course, the new cultural attaché is firmly rooted in the 18th century culture, where promoting violin as a school subject is completly natural. So she obviously does not use this kind of 21st century means of communication as blogs. Lucky us, cause we just purchased a telegraph since our pigeon post died. The Telegraph certainly is a more effective way of communicating with goverment employees, like the new cultural attaché of Stockholm for example. Those damn pigeons are way too easy to distract. All those crazy ladies in the park feeding them tons and tons of breadcrumbs can delay a message several hours!

Anyway, here is what we sent to the new cultural attaché in Stockholm: