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måndag, april 27, 2009

Sparka på den som ligger ned

fredag, april 24, 2009


Massive attack with Youtube-videos from Montt mardié.

Montt Mardié - "Saltarö Berg", "Den enda levande pojken i New York" and the old classic "My girlfriend is in the Grand prix finals" feat. Mr Suitcase




måndag, april 20, 2009

Kids vs. North Korean Internet

Kids wanna have fun:

"För tionde året i följd arrangerar Uppsalas fritidsgårdar skolavslutningsfestivalen, Fett me kärlek."

Old man:
Wants a North Korean Internet
"Men risken att bli lagförd när man fuldelar måste öka. Ipred är inte tillräckligt."

And with that, we end with warmest wishes from HYBRIS:

"I know you thought you were a real operator,
But I don't know why,
All you had was a bankroll babe,
And a glint in your eye,
I'm high steppin' like an indian brave,
I'm the one dancing on your grave

You know I'm a killer babe,
Here's late news for you,
You couldn't buy me with a million, babe,
I'm too good for you,
I know you think I'm a real rough trade,
Now I'm the one dancing on your grave

One time you was a real high-stepper,
On the high trapeze,
But you know you ran out of money,
Wound up on your knees,
I'm the one you never made,
Now I'm the one dancing on your grave"

fredag, april 17, 2009

The Sweptaways ikväll!

The Sweptaways nya album, ”The Sweptaways Show”, innehåller samarbeten
med Robyn, Howlin' Pelle, Asha Ali, Moneybrother, Nina Ramsby, Jens
Lekman, Björn Olsson, Simone Rubi, Uje Brandelius och Sir Eric Beyond

För att fira skivsläppet har The Sweptaways bjudit in gäster och
konferencierer, sytt paljetter på kostymerna och klistrat på sig
lösögonfransarna inför vårens finaste fest! Paraplydrinkar, kvinnor
och sång! Välkommen till The Sweptaways Show!

TID fredagen den 17 april, 20.00–02.00
PLATS Kägelbanan, Södra Teatern, Mosebacke Torg
PÅ SCEN 21.00 Parken, 22.00 The Sweptaways
GÄSTER Asha Ali, Sir Eric Beyond, Dom dugliga
KONFERENCIERER Catti Brandelius och Josef Sterzenbach
DJ:S Madlen & Karin, Dollface & Död

Kom som ditt vildaste vilddjur eller som din färggladaste
favoritcocktail. Pris delas ut till bästa kostym!

torsdag, april 16, 2009


A boy comes to me with a spark of interest and it becomes a flame. I feed the flame and it becomes a fire. I feed the fire and it becomes a roaring blaze.


Hybris digitala försäljning - två veckor med IPRED

Det hävdas att man säljer mer digitalt tack vare IPRED-lagen. Vi på Hybris ställer oss tveksamma till detta. Bl a rapporterar Inprodicon att de ökat försäljningen med 100%.

Hybris gjorde en liten undersökning på vårt konto på Klicktrack. Perioden 1/4-15/4 2008 sålde vi över 300% mer digitalt än perioden 1/4-15/4 2009. Det kan såklart bero på mycket olika faktorer, men vi har ganska mycket aktuella artister just nu precis som förra året.

Jämför vi perioden månaden inanan IPRED infördes, d v s 1/3-15/3, med de två senaste veckorna visar det sig att vi sålde ca 13% mindre sedan IPRED satte igång.

Förutom våra egen lilla undersökning har vi frågat runt lite bland några indiekollegor och ingen har märkt av någon särskild ökning i försäljning.

På lördag är det Record store day förresten. Vår artist Montt Mardié spelar på Bengans affär på Drottninggatan i Stockholm kl 14.00. Även Parken och Marions spelar. Gå dit och lyssna och köp en skiva om du har lust!

onsdag, april 15, 2009

Hybris Label night med Montt Mardié live!

Ikväll! Montt Mardié live! Fri entré! Hybris DJs! Fritz corner! Lilla Hotellbaren! Ok!!!

FAC 51

tisdag, april 14, 2009


There are no chance whatsoever to overplay the greatness of this:

söndag, april 12, 2009

Romania i min skalle

torsdag, april 09, 2009

Hell yeah

onsdag, april 08, 2009

Still talking about democracy

We would do anything for Sir Eric beyond. It's pretty clear now that he must be the one that steps forward and take leadership of the world and fix everything.

Sir Eric Beyond on National television

Just command us Eric, we are ready.

Sir Eric Beyond - Democracy(Rigas rmx)

söndag, april 05, 2009


"I must thank the good lord for the DVD format every single day of my life, and this movie is a perfect example why. No doubt a mind numbing experience when it was originally released in 1973, the god-awful "Superchick" benefits incalculably from the passage of time and the huge shift in pop culture norms. Its jaw-droppingly dated fashions, lingo, and "with it" attitudes and philosophies can now be appreciated for the utter hilarity they always were. It was likely an endurance test to sit through then (except maybe for the gratuitous Uschi Digard and Candy Samples nudie bits) but you watch this fucker now and it's only a half step away from Fellini. "Superchick" also boasts some of the worst kung-fu and action sequences this side of "Velvet Smooth". Believe you me, that is some statement. A perfect 10 out of a possible 10 on the Dead End Drive-In cheese-o-meter."

Vampyren, Gravmannen, Dracula, Vampirella

Listen to Montt Mardiés new album!


If you got Tele2 you can listen to Montt Mardiés new album here!

fredag, april 03, 2009

Save the albatrosses!

Albatross music:

Albatross tragedy:

torsdag, april 02, 2009

Lägg dina problem i en hög

Fact check: Simon. Frej is equally serious.

The Sweptawyas and Nina Ramsby - Sign your name - New single!

The Sweptaways have a new single for you! Download it here!

Don't miss the release party april 17 at Kägelbanan, Stockholm.

Pre-order the album and get it first of everyone here!

Full tracklist and info:
The Sweptaways have put on their cocktail dresses and are standing in the bar, batting their fake eyelashes.
Glasses are glistening and the ice is tinkling. One after another the guests drop in: Robyn, Howlin’ Pelle, Asha Ali,
Moneybrother, Nina Ramsby, Jens Lekman, Björn Olsson, Simone Rubi, Uje Brandelius and Sir Eric Beyond.
Welcome to The Sweptaways Show!
1. Democracy – The Sweptaways and Sir Eric Beyond (Erik Aalto)
2. Sign Your Name – The Sweptaways and Nina Ramsby (Terence Trent D’Arby)
3. They Don’t Know About Us – The Sweptaways and Anders Wendin (Kirsty MacColl)
4. Electric – The Sweptaways (Dag Volle, Martin Sandberg, Herbert Crichlow, Leila K)
5. Time of The Season – The Sweptaways and Pelle Almqvist (Rod Argent, originally performed by The Zombies)
6. Happiness Will Be My Revenge – The Sweptaways and Jens Lekman (Jens Lekman)
7. I’ve Got Your Man – The Sweptaways and Robyn (Marion Hall, Richard Martin, Rickardo Ducent, originally performed by Lady Saw)
8. With Every Heartbeat – The Sweptaways and Simone Rubi (Robin Carlsson, Andreas Kleerup)
9. Vintersaga – The Sweptaways and Uje Brandelius (Ted Ström)
10. The World’s Greatest – The Sweptaways (R Kelly)
11. Something Special – The Sweptaways and Asha Ali (Dolly Parton)

Back to mine

Some chilled tracks for you here:

HYBRIS - Back to mine

onsdag, april 01, 2009

02:48 - Precis som jag Teaser

New act at HYBRIS - ALIAS!


Check out his Myspace here

HYBRIS are very proud to present Alias, our new signing.
Alias first song "Crazy time" is a collaboration with singer "Baby".

Download the first single "Crazy time" here!

Alias is a musical prodigy, only seventeen years of age. Alias ran away from home when he was only thirteen. Alias hails from Kiev, where he was brought up by his father. His father was an alcoholic and the abuse started early in Alias life. Alias mother left when Alias was a kid for work as a prostitute in the more luxurious brothels in Moscow. She sent money to Alias and his father every month, but the payment stopped when Alias had reached the age of 11. The beatings and abuse from his father worsened when the money from his mother stopped. When Alias father got visits from the mafia because of gambling debts Alias have had enough. Alias fled.

After Alias had ran away from home he ended up in London where he got to know "Baby". Baby only got eyes for girls, but she took Alias under her wings. At the time, Baby was crashing in her girlfriends studio in the outskirts of Brixton. Alias had been trained in the Ukraine musical school since he was a small child. Together they started playing with various instruments and after a couple of years and endless tears they finally had some songs on an 8-track.

To cut a long story short, heartache, financial troubles, smack never paid, fights and loveless streets made them end up on a coach at our office in Stockholm. On the forthcoming album Alias and Baby have worked with several UK dubstep producers they met in London as well as some russian based producers such as Wolfskin, DJ 2Many and DJ Trexxx.


This was Hybris, serving you premium music since 2004. All the time, everywhere to everyone.

P & C April 1 - 2009