lördag, maj 21, 2011

Big Fox - "Saturday" - video premiere and interview

Big Fox - "Saturday" video premiere and interview over at PSL.

fredag, maj 20, 2011

Juvelen - Make U Move

"The mighty Juvelen is now back with a straight banger. "Make U Move" comes from the EP of the same name, and picks up right where the one man boy band left off with "1". You can purchase this phenomenal EP from all digital outlets you can think of and start the party instantly. Juvelen shows all of those other weak-ass pop acts how it's to be done. Enjoy." (Courtesy of Fuck Yeah Go Team !)

12" Vinyl + instant mp3

Make U Move EP

Make U Move EP

Make U Move

Juvelen - Make U Move Directed by LAJI
Laji is an art collective consisting of Alexandra Campbell, Lisa Holmqvist and Jeanette Steinsland. Laji produces art projects within the fields of dance, music and fine art. www.laji.se

Jonathan Johansson and Monty mixtapes

Jonathan Johansson and Monty has both made a spotifylist with some of their favourite tracks.

Listen to Jonathan Johanssons list here.

And Montys list here!

måndag, maj 16, 2011

VIDEO: Azure Blue - The Catcher in the Rye


måndag, maj 09, 2011

Jesus play that mary chain

Just play it.

söndag, maj 08, 2011

Stuff going on

Destroyer - Kaputt

Warpaint - Undertow

Young Galaxy - We have everything"

CunninLynguists - Stars Shine Brightest (In The Darkest Of Night)

DC The MIDI Alien - Technology Takeover

Homework - Hudson Square (Exploited)

Nere i repan

"Love the way the keyboard guy looks like he's saying "What Marv?....Oh yeah, don't worry your shit...we wit you!" THIS is what musicians used to be... THIS is how people used to sing. Open his mouth and the shit come out as natural as a baby being born! Fuck american idol...Fuck Britain's talent shows... THIS is what I idolize!!
laosandburma 3 månader sedan 31"