lördag, maj 31, 2008


This tuesday we played records at the grand opening for the green think tank Fores. Since our opening song for the night was totally spoiled on everyone(we didn't see any political or music geeks notice anyway) we would like to point out that we kicked off the night with Marvin Gayes "Mercy mercy me(the ecology)".

Green think-tanks are really necessary. As Andre Gide once said - "Everything has already been said, but since nobody is listening, I will say it again". With that in mind, here are four facts again for your contemplation:
1. The oil is running out
2. Fresh water is running out(glaciers melting)
3. Carbon dioxide is going rampage and will burn you alive
4. The entertainment and knowledge industries of the western world will collapse

There might still be some debate regarding number 4 there. Always good for rethorical reasons to have one fact that is open for discussion.

So erm, we guess the politicians will change all things now ey:

Haute couture

torsdag, maj 29, 2008

Juvelen - Don't mess - VIDEO

Feat. Dom Dugliga

Director: Kalle Schröder

tisdag, maj 27, 2008


måndag, maj 26, 2008

Fuck what you heard

fredag, maj 23, 2008

Like Honey - Five minute dream - New single!

"Five minute dream" is the first single from Like Honeys upcoming debut album "Leaves". Striking the perfect balance between clarity and shimmer, Like Honey has done guitar pop with equal amounts of vocal bite and jangly guitars.

Download it here!

And hey, read a short interview with them here.

torsdag, maj 22, 2008


It's my own cheatin heart that makes me cry

Daddy's gone

The tooth

måndag, maj 19, 2008



lördag, maj 17, 2008


Shit kicks in at 2:30. VERY GOOD. A+++


torsdag, maj 15, 2008


I know that you can understand
This little country boy
(I'm just a country boy)

He brought me safe thus far...
(Let me say this to you lady...)
through many drunken country bars

onsdag, maj 14, 2008

Low information signaling

Barack Obama founds the monkey above hilarious
Barack Obama likes a night out at Pizza Hut with his pals
Barack Obama looks for the red price tag when he shops
Barack Obama wouldnt mind if Genesis reformed

Barack Obama is just a regular guy, like you and me, but with a brain that he uses sometimes.

söndag, maj 11, 2008

Nice weather

söndag, maj 04, 2008


Soon the festival season will begin. We dedicate the clip below to our friend Magnus. See you at the festivals Magnus!

lördag, maj 03, 2008


Go on and put your ear to the ground, you know you will be hearing that sound.