lördag, oktober 27, 2007

Code red

Alert, alert.

WTF is this?

Bland and mediocre. Pointless on the verge of being nothing. So lacking of anything original, uplifting or interesting that you almost go insane by the sheer emptiness of it. "Förändras eller dö?". Well, the latter is preferred. You are a hopeless case. Thanky you for trying, but you didn't make this years cut. You wasn't made to be an Idol. Sorry.


fredag, oktober 19, 2007

Catalogue of failures - New single from TIAC!

"You rather not be reminded of your catalogue of failures"

TIAC is back with a new single. 101 hand numbered covers in 12" format, and a CD with 4 tracks. ORDER IT.
The TIAC sound is still there. Only bigger, more hopeless and desperate. Only way out is dancing.

Full tracklist:

Download Catalogue of failures and Better days

See TIAC live tonite in Borås and tomorrow in Göteborg!

tisdag, oktober 16, 2007

Moments of genius

Meanwhile in Germany

mixing clips from Once upon a time in America with the best 80s Germany had to offer. But of course.

lördag, oktober 13, 2007


Familjen feat. Ninsun Poli - Feber

fredag, oktober 12, 2007

Interview of the decade

Thank you for sharing Sigur Ros. Interview of the decade

måndag, oktober 08, 2007

Elias and the wizzkids new single and video!

The charming pop orchestra of Elias and the wizzkids have a brand new single out on Hybris - Young and hairy! It's about being young and bitter althogh you deserve to be happy. Hey, you still got hair!
The single has two exklusive tracks beside the title track, one being the fantastic low-key version of "Young and hairy" made by german Johannes Mayer aka Seaside. Listen to it here.

Order the single here! Do it now!
And listen to more Elias and the wizzkids here!

lördag, oktober 06, 2007

Winning a battle, losing the war

Evil men are out to hurt you.

RIAA Jury Finds Minnesota Woman Liable for Piracy, Awards $222,000

Destroying a girls future for what!? For having bad taste in music? That joke isn't funny anymore.

How long is this farce of all farce supposed to go on? Isn't it pretty obvious, like in my-god-that's-so-crystal-clear-I-can't-believe-it's-so-obvious-to-me, that the 'war' on filesharing is the only war in the world that is going more badly then the war in Iraq?

For sure, by now, no one can imagine that this is the right path to go down for anyone. Not for the labels, not for the artists and certainly not for the consumers. The only thing waiting at the end of this path is certain death for the labels. But hey, if you're gonna go out, you might do it with style! Custer style, with your boots on. Yahoooo Silver!

The RIAA have a proposal you can't resist,Don Corleone-style:
"This is what can happen if you don't settle," RIAA attorney Richard Gabriel told reporters outside the courthouse. "I think we have sent a message we are willing to go to trial."

Ok, Mr RIAA attorney Richard Gabriel. We have a proposal to you too. Why don't we meet down by the docks. Just you and us and we'll have a man to man talk. Bring your bicycle chain and best dancing shoes. There will be some serious swinging.

We would be more lightearted about this if it wasn't for that somewhere in Minnesota there's a girl sitting in her bedroom wondering where the fuck she is going to get 222,000$ from and what she will do with the rest of her bankrupt life. Our thoughts go out to you kid!

Nice song with reference to similar situation

Another song, even more spot on. Sing along!

Bonus video for those that got the popular culture reference above

Feeling Minnesota alright

onsdag, oktober 03, 2007

Lika som bär 2

Kents fetish för Sibira fortsätter.

Sibiria, pressbild 2006

Senaste Café

tisdag, oktober 02, 2007


For no reason whatsoever we list Familjens live dates coming up:
12 okt Tivoli Helsingborg
13 okt EQmeni (Smålands nation) Lund
03 nov Samfundet Trondheim
23 nov Markan Hässleholm
29 nov Huset København
30 nov Corona (Digital Tone Festival) Umeå