torsdag, mars 29, 2007

Montt mardié new single and giveaway track!

Montt mardiés upcoming single "The Windmill turns all the same" is available today as an exklusive download from CDON.

If you go to this page it is possible to buy the track or you could download the track "Hacienda" for free. All DRM-free, free of charge, hassle-free. Free your mind, as they once said on TV.


onsdag, mars 28, 2007

Det snurrar i min skalle!

Today the Debut album "Det snurrar i min skalle" by Familjen is released. It's a collaboration between Hybris and the mighty fine Adrian recordings.

Familjen makes warm electronica. Sounds like the Hacienda in springtime, Mylo on downers, Rex the dogs soundsystem and A guy called geralds dreams. It makes us all fuzzy and fightable inside. Summertime! Long dark nights! Love & Pain! This is passion! CAN YOU FEEL IT! IF YOU FALL WE WILL CATCH YOU, WE ARE FAMILY, LET'S DANCE!

Order the album in our webshop or buy it in pristine MP3 quality from CDON, of course totally DRM-free and without any hassle of that sort. We are not barbarians here. Although we do the monkeywalk anyday. Mad! Chester!

lördag, mars 24, 2007

Montt mardié is blogging

The sailor writes!

The countdown has started. The new Double album(!) by Montt mardié will arrive April 18. While you wait for that, and the brand new Montt mardié website that will be launched at the same date you can read Montts very own words at his new, fresh blog over at

Montys blog

fredag, mars 23, 2007

Hybris monthly club!

It's soon time for Hybris monthly club again! Next week at Thursday, same place as usual, always the last thursday of the month, always the best new music, and always you! Relaxed beerprices as well.

This time Lykke Li and The Streetwaves will play live. Beuaty and the beast!

onsdag, mars 21, 2007

Free Mp3 single from The Sweptaways!

Today we have the great pleasure to present the second single from the acclaimed masterpiece "Ooh Aah" released by Hybris this winter and performed by the unique all female choir The Sweptaways!

The single is a cover by the equally unique Jenny Wilson and her song "Let my shoes lead me forward". The song is given a new dimension by The Sweptaways. Not only in sound, but also as they were all wearing rolller skates and roller skate outfits while they recorded the song and giving it that sweet roller skate feeling.

Enjoy and download



tisdag, mars 20, 2007

Biker boy and Kalle J in Modena

Biker boy and Kalle J will play at a very nice new festival in Modena Italy: Motron festial. It's looking really good!

söndag, mars 18, 2007

Familjen at Tracks and CDON!

Familjen is tested on the good ol show Tracks:

Vote! Vote!

Vote for song number 25! Be a clever little fella and vote for the first top 4 songs and Familjen!

Familjens full length debut album will be released by Hybris and Adrian recordings April 28. You can get it now if you are impatient though! CDON has it on sale as a exklusive mp3-release, totally DRM-free and all that nonsense.

Get it here:

Familjen at CDON

fredag, mars 16, 2007

Liner notes

Before Dean & Britta, there was Galaxie 500. The Liner notes from "On fire", written by Kramer Shimmy , is mighty fine!

"THEN there was The Great Chicago Fire. I was there. The stories of how the fire began were wildly contradictory, but I was there. Some people say the fire was started by a stampede of cows. Some say it was just one cow. Some tried to blame it all on someone they didn't like. One fella tried to blame it all on his own brother, just because his brother had stolen away his girlfriend and married her. The wedding took place in Las Vegas. It was a modest affair of about 150 guests, non-denominational (which really pissed off the parents of the bride, but hell, you can't please everybody). During the ceremony, some rotten little punks yelled "Fire! Fire!" and the whole place cleared out in no time. The maid of honor even broke her ankle in two places after being shoved down the altar by the always overly zealous justice of the peace. Well, the ankle was pretty back and the maid of honor had to be shot, and exactly one week later the entire block burned to the ground. Even the bricks burned.

But at least nobody tried to blame it on a cow. And the wedding went ahead as planned.

And some people actually believe that Nero fiddled as Rome burned, and that he really did look like a badly aging Peter Lorre. On Sunday nights we'd all gather 'round the television set to watch the Disney show, and I would always fall asleep from boredom. But I had a big old Siamese cat named Butch who'd always loved to play with my face moments after my head hit the pillow. So I'd awake startled, sometimes, crying, sometimes covered with blood and crying, staring into the idiot box. Sometimes I'd see Walt himself, sometimes Mickey or Goofy. But sometime I'd see a thousand bright blue caribou racing a dust storm to the finish line, neck and neck all the way like nature's own Indy 500! Flesh and blood against the elements! And I remember wondering to myself, "Why are they racing?" THEN one fine day I understood why the race took place. It was because the hairs on those caribou necks were being tickled by the instinctual knowledge of a fire raging not too far away, and most certainly headed this way. Humans often get the same an oddly warm breeze malevolently fueled by the maddening flames behind it. Come ride the fiery breeze of GALAXIE 500!"

-Kramer, NYC, July 1989

Friday friday friday!

Dean & Britta. Nice relaxing video to start off the weekend with. Have a good one!

torsdag, mars 15, 2007

Thursday thursday thursday!

Yeah, it's already thursday! For some careless people that means the weekend's already here. If you are in Stockholm you know where to go: The Popaganda festival are taking a break this year from it's annual megaparty over at the University. Instead they're giving away small treats every other thursday at Södra bar.
Tonight it's our very own Juvelen giving a free concert. So waddaya waitin for? Start calling friends, loosen those buttons on your office shirt, head out to nearest bar and get into the mood!
Or, if you are another type of person, slide out of bed around four a clock as you usually do, put your jeans on and just be there tonight and kick it!


onsdag, mars 14, 2007

Wednesday wednesday wednesday

Since it's a proven fact that there is absolutely no songs about wednesday we treat you with some words about Vapnet and Jens Lekmans new song "Håll ihop" instead of some lazy youtube clips:
"Håll ihop" (Stay together) doesn't stray too far from the band's effervescent pop compositions, although it does sound like they've tidied up the arrangement for their guest. Bells, flute, melodica, guitar, and that show-stealing sax blow kisses to one another over a percolating beat, goosing the stop/start melody to that exuberant filigree that leads so joyously into the chorus.

Despite the exuberance of the music, an undercurrent of melancholy runs through "Håll ihop", mostly courtesy of Jens himself. Singing in Swedish, he sounds more like his in-love-with-love "You Are the Light" self than his mopey "Black Cab" self. Vapnet make great use of his textured tenor, revealing how much more expressive it's grown since his earliest EPs."

Pitchfork wrote that today. They "get it" so to speak.

Listen to the masterpiece here.

måndag, mars 12, 2007

Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday

While you read this it's probably tuesday!

Monday monday monday

It's monday! Monday frenzy! Let the week begin!

fredag, mars 09, 2007

Vapnet and Jens Lekman!

The wait is over!

Here is a new Vapnet track!

With Jens Lekman singing!

The song will be featured on the mini album Vapnet will release april 11.

Have a great weekend!

tisdag, mars 06, 2007

Jimmy Scott

Lately I have been listening a lot to Jimmy Scott, a now 82 year old jazz vocalist that suffered from Kallman's Syndrome. A disease that made his voice forever stay in that of a boy soprano's. His life story seems incredible.

He does a fantastic version of Bryan Ferrys "Slave to love" that is featured on his 1998 album "Holding back the years". Here it is live, equally stunning:

Short interview by David Byrne in the end too.

Here is another fine song with him

A lot of other people like him too:

"Jimmy Scott is perhaps the most unjustly ignored American singer of the 20th century"
The New York Times Magazine
"Jimmy Scott is the only singer who can make me cry"
"Jimmy Scott had soul way back when people weren't using the word"
Ray Charles
"The most extraordinary voice I've ever heard in my life"
Lou Reed