fredag, oktober 13, 2006

Good: It's a trap reviews + Bad: El perro del mar cancelled

Good afternoon workers and carefree people,

First the semi-bad news: the show with El perro del mar at Ugglan in Stockholm has been cancelled(Yes it's friday the 13th! höövva). That, however, took care of our problem with Hybris-shows colliding at the same night! Nothing bad that has not got something good with it, etcetera.

So now it's an easy choice for tonight, if you are in Stockhom anyway: Andreas Mattsson at the killer club Bring all your friends over at Landet, Telefonplan! So bring 'em! We will. See you there.

Nice friday read:
Those yanks that never sleeps, only listen to swedish music and updates the hell out of us lazy swedes has reviewed both Kalle J:s album and Biker boys EP. And they like 'em! Like we do.
Top quotes:
"Peter Lundbergh(Biker boy) delivers to his public four stellar tracks of electronic pop music. Akin to the Pet Shop Boys and The Smiths, Lundbergh's music possesses lighthearted playful melodies and danceable instrumentation with the vocal delivery combination of a Morrissey croon and the spoken aspect of Nick Cave, albeit in a slightly more pained aspect."
"The songs(Kalle J:s) have enough tempo to become hits in all of the discotheques, if not just in Sweden, but all the world over."

And bonus quote:
"Everytime I hear a new record released by Hybris, it gets me thinking that not only is Hybris one of the most ambitious pop labels on the planet right now, but also one of the best."

What can we say? We think it's one of those rare moments Harry Martinsson would have called "Radiumsekunden" - a short millisecond when you see everything exactly like it is and understand how things work. This time we even have the words to have described that millisecond. Thank you It's a trap. The weekend starts fine!

Have a great weekend!