onsdag, augusti 31, 2011

The moon in your ear twinkled and shone

Crosby, Stills & Nash - Carried Away

You came from out of the skies
Your skin and your eyes
The colours of bronze.
The moon in your ear
Twinkled and shone.
Soon you'll be gone.

Sailing out on the blue,
Your old man and you
Drifting along, leaving me here,
Thinking it through,
Soon you'll be gone.

Moving through my changes as fast as I can,
Trying to bring a balance to me and the man,
Part of me is screaming to say
I want to be carried away.

Korallreven mixtape - A Dream Within A Dream

fredag, augusti 26, 2011

I jus’ wanna live life and survive it

I'm 44 years old and life ain't golden.
Like juice got served when you got no cash,
got no cheque book, got no credit card.
Life is pretty hard.
I'sure you can see that I'm plus under-rated, plus bare knockbacks.
Been shown the door because they've 'bout cut backs.
And you think what next left or the right but.
key in the door but the door won't open
and heartbeat frozen. Look to the heavens,
but nobody’s coming and the pie's in the oven.
So you stop mind wandering and back to the present, its a
dinner for one with the dinner lights on.
And you're tryna get atmosphere
like she was here, but she's long gone.
Like Rocky Balbo and Adrian.
Teardrops while you sip on the ‘eavy end.

But as you just get older you just live and learn
and shrug your shoulders and be the bigger man.

måndag, augusti 15, 2011

Beatrice Martin