tisdag, september 30, 2008

Elias and Like Honey at German tour!

Elias and the wizzkids just kicked of their German/Austria/Switzerland tour yesterday with a small gig at Landet in Stockholm.

Coming tour dates:
02 okt Raw Temple Berlin
03 okt NBI Club Berlin
05 okt Subway to Peter Chemnitz (D)
06 okt Konstanz (+ Herrenmagazin) Konstanz
07 okt 59:1 // München (+ Herrenmagazin) München
08 okt Dimensione BarCafe Winterthur
09 okt La Catrina Zurich
10 okt Gare de Lion // Wil (CH)
11 okt Kornhauskeller, Waldshut
13 okt Fluc Wien
15 okt Hasenschaukel Hamburg

Also - Like Honey will play in Leipzig, Ut Connewitz, at the club nite "Tack för musik" on october 2. Billy Vision and the dancers and Palpitation will also play.

söndag, september 28, 2008


I close my eyes
And see you before me
Think I would die
If you were to ignore me
A fool could see
Just how much I adore you
I get down on my knees
I'd do anything for you

fredag, september 26, 2008


Our very own Montt mardié has a new album coming up for release in the UK. It's a compilation of his two previous albums "Drama" and "Clocks/Pretender" but with re-recorded versions of songs from "Drama".
One of the re-recorded songs, "Modesty blaise", is streaming at Montts myspace right now, check it out! "Modesty Blaise" will also be the second single for the UK release. The first single - "Set sail tomorrow" was released this summer at a 7" with a Jens Lekman/Montt mardié duet as b-side.

Montt has also got the blog fever!

torsdag, september 25, 2008

Dreamy eyes

Just having a tea party, that's all. Inga konstigheter, bara att köra.

onsdag, september 24, 2008

New act at Hybris - Jonathan Johansson

Say hello and welcome Jonathan Johansson, a new act at Hybris. The single "En hand i himlen" will arrive in october and an album early next year.

Jonathan plays some gigs the upcoming week:
27 sep Debaser Medis w/ The Embassy and Kool DJ Dust, club Send in the Clowns, Stockholm - Free entrance before 22.
01 okt Babel w/ Elias and the wizzkids, club Macro Pastell, Malmö
02 okt Pustervik w/ The Deer tracks and We are soldiers we have guns, club Parapluie 2-year bash, Göteborg
04 okt Club China, Festival with 12 acts, Jönköping

A good crop - 43 selected songs

The fine blog Eardrum has a collection available for download of 43 fine tracks from various artists, all of top notch quality. Our own act Like Honey features with "Like a song"

Download it over here.

Familjen wins

Familjen is a prophet in his hometown. Today he got the award Kristallen(The Crystal). The award is the local newspaper in Hässleholm, Kristianstadsbladet, yearly award for culture and entertainment. Hässleholm is where it all began, where Familjen were raised and born. Well deserved Johan!

måndag, september 22, 2008

Freedom Beat 1988 - Junior + Freedom Beat All Stars - Free Nelson Mandela

Where are our generation?

söndag, september 21, 2008

Elles portent un blouson noir

lördag, september 20, 2008

(1.50) ...saddam is that you?

fredag, september 19, 2008


and it looks like daylights
gonna catch me up again
most people like getting up
when I'm just getting in

Well, looks like I'm going again
I can't seem to believe myself
Here I go again here I go again
here I go again listen to me now
It's five o'clock am and the party
is still going strong, there's a
conversation going in the corner
Big Ed is all on the lawn
and the fm music is groovin'
folks getting down getting down
in their stocking feet
sleepy eyes are peeping
from the window across the street

and it looks like daylights
gonna catch me up again
most people like getting up
when I'm just getting in
oh its the only only time
it seems to be the only time
when I can unwind

Swore to myself, time and time
and time again that I would give
up the night life and start layin' in
but it ain't easy no no
sayin' no to my friends
cause the real cause the real
set don't get started till everyone
else is in

Lisa, Barry and Lisa

And while we are on the subject, reminding yall about Parkens Lisa:
Jag har varit vilsen, Lisa

torsdag, september 18, 2008

In the news

Alone not alone

Running just as fast as we can
Holdin on to one anothers hand
Tryin to get away into the night
And then you put your arms around me
And we tumble to the ground
And then you say

I think were alone now
There doesnt seem to be anyone around
I think were alone now
The beating of our hearts is the only sound

onsdag, september 17, 2008

Vapnet live in Norway

Phonofestivalen i Bergen

lördag, september 13, 2008

Into the valley

Val Venosta

Very good. A+ Would play again.

fredag, september 12, 2008

Do do de run run

Super creeps

and scary monsters


Janne Josefsson försökte igår ge sig på ett karaktärsmord i SVT Debatt när Peter Sundhe var gäst.

Läs Peters version om programmet, The pirate bay och de omtalade bilderna från förundersökningen HÄR. Most required reading this week.

Vi har en ny komplicerad värld i och med Internet. Den är inte så ny för vissa människor, men för väldigt många andra. Kan all media omedelbart ta ett djupt andetag, bete sig som vuxna människor och samtala om det här i det offentliga rummet på ett konstruktivt sätt istället för att veva upp samma polariserade mediedramaturgiska grepp gång på gång?

torsdag, september 11, 2008


And as a sign from god we just found the site English Russia and especially the photo shoot Russian nerds party. What can the US possibly have to put up against this?


Used to be Blur and the UK had the best Damon around. Nowadays:

Over here in Europe, the big question is what to do if the US elects McCain as the next president. The logical conclusion is to abandon USA once and for all and support Russia 100% and focus all our energy to make Russia a stable democracy. If the american people want to go down the road of George W Bush, McCain et al, we cant stop them, it's their right. Maybe Russia could be more in tune with our European latte drinking way of life, if just some free speech and so on were added in their country. After all, they got our scandinavian style of drinking in Russia. How different can we be?

torsdag, september 04, 2008

Ett inlägg i debatten

onsdag, september 03, 2008

Två svenska låtar / Two swedish songs

Two swedish songs to kick-start the wednesday here for you, a day we call "small-saturday" in smaller swedish towns.

Parken is ace. You all know that. Iller was ACE. Iller was some kind of micro act during the 90s, seemed to have released only cassettes and featured on the super micro indie collection Skafferi. Iller - "Innan jag förstår" is a swedish classic, should have been a monster hit. We blame this on you P3. How could you miss this song? It should have been on the radio 24/7 for months! Here it is though, in all its spledour osv. etc. m m

Parken - Jag har varit vilsen, Lisa

Iller - Innan jag förstår

Den bästa svenska låten någonsin / The best swedish song ever

In our flexible series of Best swedish song ever the turn has come to Audionom - "Barnet"

Audionom - Barnet

Released 2001, it still feels like a secret. You can't really say "this rocks" nowadays can you? So we won't, we will just chase you down like a pack of crazy dogs and throw you off your single speed, fixed gear racer and beat you up while our boombox screams of Audionoms "Barnet". This is the sound of doomsday hardcore MF! This music creates new worlds.

It's available on Audionoms myspace as a download as well, so....YEAH.

tisdag, september 02, 2008

Biker boy - September song

The summer is gone, this is the sound of autumn. Download, love and listen:

September song

September song remix by Gentle Touch


It's not only Hip Hop that got the Eastcoast/Westcoast thing:

Cloudberry records

VERSUS <----Read

Series two records

We are on both sides, who could not like them, they are so cute. Especially when they are angry.

This week

What's happening this week?

Juvelen is playing in London at Electroqueer in Soho at thursday. Familjen plays at Klubi, Tampere in Finland where they have something called Monsters of Pop. Elias and the wizzkids will play at Dimensione BarCafe in Winterthur, Switzerland this wedenesday and then head on to Zürich where they will play La Catalina thursday and finally hit Wil where they will play Gare de Lion. Hybris DJs at Fritz Corner this saturday. Woopla!