onsdag, december 29, 2010

I stood proud, I stood tall

My hands were steady
My eyes were clear and bright
My walk had purpose
My steps were quick and light
And I held firmly
To what I felt was right
Like a rock

Like a rock, I was strong as I could be
Like a rock, nothin ever got to me
Like a rock, I was something to see
Like a rock

And I stood arrow straight
Unencumbered by the weight
Of all these hustlers and their schemes
I stood proud, I stood tall
High above it all
I still believed in my dreams

Twenty years now
Whered they go?
Twenty years
I dont know
Sit and I wonder sometimes
Where theyve gone

måndag, december 20, 2010

3 x 2010

Perfume Genius - Lookout, Lookout

The Weeknd - Loft music

Hurts - Wonderful life

torsdag, december 16, 2010

Eias chrismtas concert in Stockholm!

Elias from Elias and the wizzkids will hold a christmas concert in Stockholm december 22nd.

Check out the FB-event here!

söndag, december 05, 2010

New single - Monty - Orden