söndag, april 05, 2009


"I must thank the good lord for the DVD format every single day of my life, and this movie is a perfect example why. No doubt a mind numbing experience when it was originally released in 1973, the god-awful "Superchick" benefits incalculably from the passage of time and the huge shift in pop culture norms. Its jaw-droppingly dated fashions, lingo, and "with it" attitudes and philosophies can now be appreciated for the utter hilarity they always were. It was likely an endurance test to sit through then (except maybe for the gratuitous Uschi Digard and Candy Samples nudie bits) but you watch this fucker now and it's only a half step away from Fellini. "Superchick" also boasts some of the worst kung-fu and action sequences this side of "Velvet Smooth". Believe you me, that is some statement. A perfect 10 out of a possible 10 on the Dead End Drive-In cheese-o-meter."