torsdag, februari 22, 2007

Pop the Apollo

-apollo, greek chap

Internet, internet, internet. You two-faced little devil. It seems that the future is here and it's not longer a question of being famous for fifteen minutes, fifteen people or even fifteen megabytes.
No, nowadays it seems that famous for fifteen page loads is more like it. We don't want to paint a bleak picture here, but we really lack gatekeepers. A big brother telling us what group we should be into. Sure that's partly our work, but the information is to vast now. There needs to be some new form of sorting through the mass of music. Media, for example, don't seem to get that and still reviews Albums every wednesday as if they were what really counted. With an occasional list of mp3s on the side. Is that all you could come up with?

For all you biz-insiders reading this - what the world needs now is not the following:
1. A new myspace (in any form)
2. A Big brother watching your every step on the Internet (such as logging mail, file-transfer etc)

What the world needs now(besides love) is:
1. Filters of information that works in new ways. is not the final answer.
2. Big brothers the old fashion way. Or a Big sister for that matter. Some sisters and brothers are bigger than other sisters and brothers. They can help and we need their help.

If we haven't seen signs of this happening in the next month we will step into the arena and make it happen. It will be like the moonlanding. One visit, pop out the door, take a step, one small for us, one giant step for Internetkind. Our ride in the Apollo. Popping the Apollo. It will be new. It will be magnificent. Start running. You will need the head start to even have a chance to catch up.

Heres a fine gent calling himself Apollo:

Apollo - Indeep VS John Mellancamp Last Night Jack and Diane Saved My Life
The Spandau Ballet & Faith Evans remix is also recommended. Check it out here.

Onwards, upwards, forward!

Meanwhile, why don't you have a good hard laugh at the new music arena AllEars.