onsdag, april 18, 2007

Montt mardiés album released today!

Yes! Finally it's here in all its glory! Montt mardiés long-awaited double album "Clocks/Pretender" is released. Didn't take long until the rave reviews started popping up(all in swedish though).

The swedish version of The Sun - Expressen gave it 4/5

Swedish eqivalence to The Guardian - Dagens Nyheter - made it the main review of the week.

And even the countryside got it.
4/5 in Kristianstadsbladet - sort of The Sheffield Weekly or something like that.

Since the biggest music magazine in Sweden - Sonic - hailed Montt with a four spread article already with the february issue and gave the album thumbs up in the current issue it's safe to say that everybody agrees for once. Evening-, daily-, country- and musicpress united! Montt mardié sweeping the nation!

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