tisdag, april 03, 2007


We just released a fantastic album by Familjen together with Adrian records. You all know that by know. My god what a great album it is. Warm, fast, including, sharp, everything at once and still never enough. You just want more! More of that soothing and yet so thrilling skånska dialect of him, only way to sing in swedish in a stoned rose fashion.

Anyhoo, here are two clips that perfectly illustrate the difference between Familjen and the equally magnificent Montt mardié seen through the eyes of Miami vice:

Miami Vice Familjen style:

Miami Vice Montt mardié style:

Montt mardiés masterpiece will of course, as said before, be releases april 18. It's a two CDs no-holds-barrel affair so brace yourself. It's orchestras, duets, Ol' blue eyes, big swirling dancesteps and long night pushers. A feeling for every mood and every one of them makes the most of it. Kind of if Top gun was made in the 60s with Phil Collins as tailmate. Maverick!