onsdag, mars 14, 2007

Wednesday wednesday wednesday

Since it's a proven fact that there is absolutely no songs about wednesday we treat you with some words about Vapnet and Jens Lekmans new song "Håll ihop" instead of some lazy youtube clips:
"Håll ihop" (Stay together) doesn't stray too far from the band's effervescent pop compositions, although it does sound like they've tidied up the arrangement for their guest. Bells, flute, melodica, guitar, and that show-stealing sax blow kisses to one another over a percolating beat, goosing the stop/start melody to that exuberant filigree that leads so joyously into the chorus.

Despite the exuberance of the music, an undercurrent of melancholy runs through "Håll ihop", mostly courtesy of Jens himself. Singing in Swedish, he sounds more like his in-love-with-love "You Are the Light" self than his mopey "Black Cab" self. Vapnet make great use of his textured tenor, revealing how much more expressive it's grown since his earliest EPs."

Pitchfork wrote that today. They "get it" so to speak.

Listen to the masterpiece here.