onsdag, mars 28, 2007

Det snurrar i min skalle!

Today the Debut album "Det snurrar i min skalle" by Familjen is released. It's a collaboration between Hybris and the mighty fine Adrian recordings.

Familjen makes warm electronica. Sounds like the Hacienda in springtime, Mylo on downers, Rex the dogs soundsystem and A guy called geralds dreams. It makes us all fuzzy and fightable inside. Summertime! Long dark nights! Love & Pain! This is passion! CAN YOU FEEL IT! IF YOU FALL WE WILL CATCH YOU, WE ARE FAMILY, LET'S DANCE!

Order the album in our webshop or buy it in pristine MP3 quality from CDON, of course totally DRM-free and without any hassle of that sort. We are not barbarians here. Although we do the monkeywalk anyday. Mad! Chester!