måndag, augusti 21, 2006

Kalle J!

Our latest full length album release was Kalle Js "Om du lyssnar noga". For all you non-swedish talkers out there that means "If you listen carefully".

As a service to you non-swedes we give you a short introduction of what the swedish press thought about the album. See below.

But first! The video to the single "B.G.I.T" from the album:

Press quotes:
Expressen 4/5
"Kalle J makes music that will turn over other stuff as peripheral things like dancefloors or furnitures in a teenage bedroom"

SVD 4/6
"..a cross between Khonnor, Johan Ekelund and The Avalanches...balearic DIY-pop that shines as brightest the closer it gets to pure house"

GD 3/5
"..traditional pop and modern restless youth. If the world was a better place all the art-chicks would go for Kalle J rather then James Blunt"

Shaktar 8/10
"Funny thing about Kalle J:s debut is that it woke up something angry insde of me, raving about "Fuck I hate all the fuckers that wont get how fucking great this is".
I don't know why.
I haven't been this way since my high school classmates tried to beat me cause I liked The Prodigys "Out of space"."

Norra västerbotten 4/5
"Deserves to be the hype of the summer 2006...stands with one foot in euphoria and the other one in a frisky intoxication of life"

There you have it!

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