onsdag, september 03, 2008

Två svenska låtar / Two swedish songs

Two swedish songs to kick-start the wednesday here for you, a day we call "small-saturday" in smaller swedish towns.

Parken is ace. You all know that. Iller was ACE. Iller was some kind of micro act during the 90s, seemed to have released only cassettes and featured on the super micro indie collection Skafferi. Iller - "Innan jag förstår" is a swedish classic, should have been a monster hit. We blame this on you P3. How could you miss this song? It should have been on the radio 24/7 for months! Here it is though, in all its spledour osv. etc. m m

Parken - Jag har varit vilsen, Lisa

Iller - Innan jag förstår