söndag, juni 22, 2008


Ok, the FRA law was passed in Sweden. That makes Sweden in the top when it comes to surveillance. At last, after all these years of sliding in different charts like BNP, wellfare index etc we are number one again!
Sure, sure, sure, North Korea got their camps, Belarus their state controlled media, Zimbabwe the zero tolerance in politics and China their pro no-free speach. But we got technology, infrastructure and ordnung! We got our shit together here. And we got money, lots and lots of money, for state activities. The FRA law is what dictators dream of. Endless resources, top notch programmers, THE algorithms and a no holds barrels surveillance hoopla 24/7. If we didn't have any enemies we will probably find them with the surveillance stuff that we are about to put in effect.

Anyway. With all the media hype going on the days prior to the law passing we would like to point out just one thing: the young politicians that was steered to voting 'Yes' for the law should not be made paria.

It's like this: the frakking FRA law exists and there are a few people that can do something about it.

So, Karl Sigfrid, Fredrick Federley, Annie Johansson and any of your pals that are up for it, it's go time. You were frakked up in the first couple of rounds. This thing will go all the way. Time waits for no one, get up and fight. Right now you are loosers beyond all possible belief. Winners are people with definite purpose in life. Make it your frakking purpose to destroy this frakking law. Bottom up. DO IT!

We expect your clear statement that you will make this your purpose and the very exact and precise plan of how you will achieve your goal. The statement and plan should be made public at the end of July at the latest. In failing to do so, all bets will be off and this could very well be the beginning of the end for you.