lördag, maj 31, 2008


This tuesday we played records at the grand opening for the green think tank Fores. Since our opening song for the night was totally spoiled on everyone(we didn't see any political or music geeks notice anyway) we would like to point out that we kicked off the night with Marvin Gayes "Mercy mercy me(the ecology)".

Green think-tanks are really necessary. As Andre Gide once said - "Everything has already been said, but since nobody is listening, I will say it again". With that in mind, here are four facts again for your contemplation:
1. The oil is running out
2. Fresh water is running out(glaciers melting)
3. Carbon dioxide is going rampage and will burn you alive
4. The entertainment and knowledge industries of the western world will collapse

There might still be some debate regarding number 4 there. Always good for rethorical reasons to have one fact that is open for discussion.

So erm, we guess the politicians will change all things now ey: