tisdag, februari 12, 2008

In the news

Short wrap up of this past weeks news:

Global warming is wrecking havoc.

PM DAWN stands for the 90s comeback of the century

My god, the song, the video. Magic. Eddie Murphy pre-animated fatty movies too.

And probably because of global warming this song feels just right in the beginning of February:

Also, a panel of powerful people finally buried the common opinion that "Generation X" - people born in the 70s that is - was an ironic, laidback generation. For fxxxs sake, people born in the seventies took themselves way to serious in the 90s. They still do. They are clowns that cry on the inside etc. osv. bl a m m. Not that it's a bad thing. Case in point:


This shit was DEAD SERIOUS. Ok.

More: We love USA. Please elect Barack Obama for your president. It might sound big, but the entire future of the world depends on it. We know that, because we are smart , read books and have the ability to think ahead. Just like Christopher Walken in The Dead Zone we can sort of see the future, but in a less clear way.
We even like Black eyed pees guy, thats how fantastic Obama is.

Dead Z

We hear you Randy!

Until next time, we just love you.