torsdag, december 07, 2006


Hybris signs Juvelen!

Juvelen has been quite the Internet phenomenon here in Sweden the past four-five months or so. Being somewhat of an Internet phenomenon ourselves what could be more suitable for us than sign him to Hybris. Especially since we have loved the hell out of his music since we found his myspace!

Juvelen, although having appealed to the masses via the Internet, is very much a live artist. Playing clubs like the Bon Magazine party in Berlin or opening for Tapes n tapes in Stockholm – Juvelen brings down the house wherever he goes!

Juvelen is so much love and devotion it blows our minds of how devoted we are to this loveable jewel. Enough about us going on about him, take it from his own words:
“Straight from the motherfuckin dungeons of pop! Born in a Stockholm basement some two years ago, rising from the ruins of compromise and time wasted, Juvelen signalled the start of something funky fresh. Finally the record will be set straight. The good name of pop music will be restored, and sexy will once again be the shit. You can’t really mention Prince as an influence these days, can you? Let’s just say its about songs of the heart, sung from the hip. May I kick it?”