torsdag, november 23, 2006

Hybris third monthly club!

Yes, it's finally time for another Hybris night with great music, nice people and friendly barprices! Next week, November 30, last thursday of the month as usual is the date to look forward to.

This time Montt mardié will do a rare gig where he probably will let you hear some new material that he has been working on for his next album, wich will be out early next year.

Also, the excellent Ring snuten will play. He plays it like he describes it. In his own words: Modern means, unmodern music, simple songs, nothing strange.
Have a listen to the Ted Gärdestadish "Ta det lugnt" or the soothing twelve-a-clock-"pusher", as we say here in sweden, wonder of "Mellanstadiediso" at his myspace:

Ring snuten

For a listen to those sweet tracks by Montt mardié you been loving the hell out of the last year, visit
Montt mardié

See you there friends! It will be dashing.