fredag, december 01, 2006

Hybris hopes for 2007!

This time of year they start coming. The lists. The best of this and that. First, they are funny to read. But just like cookies and small candy, you have too much and starting to feel just sick of it. So instead we list some artists here that has made us enjoy 2006 a bit more that we expect great works from in 2007. Some of them has had a lot of attention and some of them slim to none. They all have in common that they are ace. As in "my god I can't believe how ace that is!". They are also swedish in one way or another.

Here they are, Hybris 17 hopes for 2007!

Ring snuten!
Boat club
Dry storage sessions
Stefan Storm
Mr Bananas
Scout klas
La jetee
The Johnsson colors
After school sports
Tower of foil
Sanna Fischer
Krazy fiesta


Anonymous Kina said...

I really like Scout Klas! I have one qouestion though - I see no Sara Culler - I thought she was on her way for the year of 2007? I don't know EVERYTHING about Swedish bands but I do know she's among the top of the unsigned :)

Blogger HYBRIS STHLM said...

Maybe Sara is on her way 2007, but she didn't make our cut.

Anonymous Anonym said...

don't forget

love from a flattered scout klas


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