tisdag, januari 16, 2007

Likeable youtube videos

As a follow up to the lush and posh 80s we post a collection of videos that somehow are so damn likeable in some sense or the other. It's a mixture all over the map and yet there are something that connects them. It's some form of charm in all of them. Here it goes:

Asobi Seksu - Thursday - Fantastic, fantastic song and very nice lo-fi video. They fit.

The Kooks - Ooh La - Taken from La Blogotheque series. For sure the peak of this otherwise mediocre Nu-Britpop band. Context is everything and this is just charming!

Suede - The Drowners - Speaking of Britpop. Bret couldn't had more than like a cup of blood in that body.

Mudhoney - Suck you dry - You know, all you really need is one devoted fan.

Young at heart - Fix you (Coldplay cover) - These people are our heroes.

Screamin Jay Hawkins - I put a spell on you / Stranger than paradise trailer -

Jobriath - Sunday Brunch - Live in a pyramid, being Jobriath In NY. Fantastic. The chicken in the end seems a bit off-topic though.

Klaus Nomi - The cold song - It must have been so easy to taunt him. Klaus nomi had to have had a ton of bravery.

The Seeds - Pushin to hard - Garage rock, the only genre that always is better with movin pictures?

Visage - Fade to grey - Seriously, how could ANYONE be lured into hard rock in the 80s?

The Specials - Ghost town - Erie!

Townes van Zandt - Heartworn highway - Making Seymore Washington cry.

George McRae - Rock you baby - One man, a mic. It is 1974, you notice?

Eric Burdon & War - Spill the wine - Ah, yes the 70s.

Cat Power - Lived in bars - Warmth.

Leslie Gore - You don't own me - Sing your heart out girl!

La Scala - Heartbeats - Nice cover. Nice pictures.

My morning Jacket - Gideon (Live at Letterman) Big performance

Sigur Ros - Svefn g Englar - Pretty much the video of the videos.

Dion and the Belmonts - The Wanderer - THE song and a great flick. What more to ask for? Bonus Franki & The Vialli tune too.

Elvis Presley - Trouble - He never looks for trouble.

Andy Kaufman/Elvis Presley - - Sweet lord what a genius!

Sylvester - You make me feel mighty real - Diva supreme!

The Kelley Affair - from Beyond the valley of the dolls - The original pippetes. "I like to strap you on sometime". Uhm.

The Pipettes - Pull shapes - EASY one of last years greatest songs

Deus - Little Arithmetics - Belgium at its best. 90s at its best!

Les McKeown - Shes a lady - This is how the 80s REALLY looked like. Yikes. Great song though.

Teen Witch - I'm hot and you're not - "Look how funky he is". Classic! Top that!

The Who - My generation - Taken from Swedish Television 1966. We dont get it. There were like 6 'hip' people in Sweden in the 60s. Yet they managed to do all these ultra-cool clips of acts coming to Sweden to play. Swedish Television would never ever never forever! be able to catch a clip this totally naturally great today. What is your problem? Is it because it's like the same guys still working there? You just lost it or what? Answer us!

France Gall - Les Sucettes - Story goes France Gall didnt 'get' what this song was about. Ah, that world is all gone isnt it. Innocence lost. What an excellent video.

Flights of Conchords - Business time - one of many great clips of this Aussie duo. Check em out out there on the 'tube'.

OMD - Maid of Orleans - Someone pointed out this video after our OMD vid in the 80s post previously. Really a great song and video. Something we guess the swedish society Gycklarbloggen would like very much.

Mazzy Star - Halah - Great colors. Great voice. Just great.

Gene - Sleep well tonight - Pretty underrated band. So 90s. Great.

Kate Bush - Hounds of love - A thriller killer!

Massive Attack - Blue lines - Funny how some videos just are perfect. Perfect song, perfect idea, perfect visuals, perfect together. This video is just about as perfect as they get.

Francoise Hardy - Tous les garcons et les filles - Nice Super 8 camera feeling to it. We used to sing this in french class.

Jacques Brel - Ne me quittes de pas - Jacques Brel had feeling! Look at the man! They dont make em like that anymore. One in a billion.

Jacques Brel - Amsterdam - Just listen to thar rolling rrrr! Listen! Amsterrrrrdam!

Studio 54 - Jeans - Were can we buy a pair of those?

Tindersticks - Travelling light - Somehow b/w makes everything look lovely

Kings of convenience - Misread - Best norvegian video ever

Tricky - Black steel - Remember when trip hop was the shit? Then you are old. Nice homemade video to this PE cover. Tricky never made a good track after this.

Goldfrapp - Utopia - Large video, big song.

PJ Harvey - Down by the water - If we were girls, we would try and look like PJ Harvey.

Galaxie 500 - When will you come home - Simple and just perfect.

Rialto - Monday morning - Oh, poor Rialto, they just missed the Britpop train!

The Bluetones - Slight return - And the Bluetones, they never flew did they? Quite nice though.

DJ Shadow - Midnight in a perfect world - if he only could focus on doing songs like this more often. And not scratching and shit. This video, and song, made us stop and freeze in front of the TV the first time. Couldn't move an inch or hardly breathe for as long as it went.

Moloko - Bring it back - What a monster! So simple. So straight to the feet. Dancing feet.

Einsturzende Neubaten - Blume - Weird. And nice.

This could go on for another 40 videos or so, and it will someday. Enough is enough for now though.