söndag, januari 14, 2007

Download videos from Youtube

Youtube, this heavenly and divine source to knowledge. Knowledge is power. Thus Youtube was bought for billions and billions by Google.
Nah, not really. It was bought because people love to see other people do stupid things lika miming to a song, filming their cute kitties and funny children.

However, Youtube is filled with music videos, rare perfomances and short movie clips. Wonderful pieces. Enriching in every true sense of the word. Hats off to Youtube for making last year The Youtube Year. In fact, we all spent so much time slacking at work watching Youtube videos that Time Magazine made the Youtube slacker Person of the year.

But this blog isn't about that. This post is about how you can download every single Youtube video to your very own external hard drives. It is very easy! This is how you do it:

1. Copy the "URL" link to the right of the video when you watch the video at Youtube.
2. Go to Dubayuos page for downloading Youtube videos
3. Paste the URL-link for the video and click "Rip it"
4. Right click and choose "Save as" and name your video and give it the ending .flv

The fastest way is to add Dubayuos website to your favourites and when you are watching a Youtube clip just go to your favourites and click the Dubayou link. That way you don't have to cut and paste.

The ending "Flv" is a format for compression Youtube uses. Just like Mp3 or something like that. You will need a special player to play "Flv"-movies. Most players don't support Flv-movies yet, so download the free flv-player (Only PC, if anyone knows a Mac-one, please do post a comment about it)
Great thing about the Flv-format is that the movie clips are very small. A standard music video clip downloaded from Youtube is about 5-8 MB so a standard external hard drive with around 300 GB would hold like...um..a lot of videos!

Here are two outstanding clips you could start with:
The Lemonheads - Big gay heart, song

Hal Hartley - Ambition, short film

If you want to convert the flv-files to watch on your iPod or other players, use Videora iPod converter, a free and easy one-click-program.

There are a lot of other pages to download videos from Youtube(and every other site that has streaming videos). Here are a few:
Rip my videos

And there you go. Hope it's been educational! Questions, suggestions? - post a commment!