lördag, september 30, 2006

Hell on wheels at Pitchfork + Tangents!

Hell on wheels album "The Odd church" was reviewed yesterday at Pitchfork. Very nice one! Says things like: "The Odd Church is full of great blasts of manic guitar and manic-er melodies, played with breakneck abandon by a group with the unlikely talent for referencing a range of influences-- the Pixies, the Ramones, Phil Spector, even Belle & Sebastian here and there-- while sounding completely confident and vital."
Read it!

Over at Tangents some other fine words showed up some time ago, written by Alistair Fitchett. He really liked Montt Mardié and some other of our acts. Favourite passage: "This is the sound of a modernist glamour, of a splendidly imagineered futurepast that drips with never ironic iconic reference."
Read that too!