torsdag, september 07, 2006

The Kid Interview on It's a trap!

Recently a nice interview with The Kid was posted at It's a trap, the thourough site dedicated to nordic music.

"Nowdays, even the indie bands are afraid to do statements and take avant-garde steps. That's not good because music will always be a weapon against those who have the power and misuse it. But perhaps they don't want to say anything. In the end, almost every Swedish indie band are brats and they think Palestine is a brand name for a scarf."

Hear! Hear!

Read it!

The video from The Kids latest single at Hybris, "Portion control":

Here is some nice and true words about The Kids debut album La Société nouvelle:

"After a couple years of dapper lads, dressed in black, backing a depressed crooner/croaker, it's incredibly refreshing to hear Sweden's The Kid open up with bursts of drum-programming and multi-layered keyboards and synths to compliment the visceral guitar stabs and taunt, ropey bass of post-punk."
- Aaron Shaul, Ink 19

And if you can read swedish:
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Listen and download a couple of tracks from the CD from The Kids Myspace page!
The Kid @ Mypace