torsdag, december 13, 2007

Agrrrr, grrrr, agrrrrammis!

Good news rarely come alone as we say here at the Hybris HQ. And today Pitchfork listed the Familjen video "Det snurrar i min skalle" as One of this years best 50 music videos just after the very same video has been nominated for a swedish Grammy award <---Vote! (No, seriously, vote, do it. It takes one fucking klick of your day, do it.)

To celebrate that we want to highlight this ENORMOUSLY underrated Familjen video to Hög luft. Web version only. No Beta SPs to MTV for this we're afraid.

In other news Familjen is also Grammy nominated in the category Hip Hop/Dance/Soul so go ahead and Vote for that too! All nationalities can vote, and um, you can vote with ALL your email addresses. Nudge, nudge, know what I mean, knowaddImean, nudge, nudge? Say no more! Say no more!