lördag, december 01, 2007

The Sweptaways new Christmas EP!

December is here and so is the annual christmas tradition of The Sweptaways christmas EP!

This year they have teamed up with Marit Bergman on lead vocals in "Christmas party". A cover of The Conctretes fantastic "Lady december" has also been recorded. From the previous EP last year this years EP also includes "Cry, cry christmas" and "Silver bells" with Magnus Carlson from weeping willows and The Gray Brigade as backing band, making this years EP a full on assault of christmas candy!

Marit Bergman:
"My friend Åsa Jacobsson, who plays keyboard with me now and then, once wrote the top 3 list of her life, and it looked like this:
1. Animals. 2. Christmas. 3. Music.
Mine is quite similar:
1. Choir singing. 2. Christmas. 3. Don’t know.
Now you see why it was impossible for me to refuse the offer of recording a Christmas song with The Sweptaways. Hope you like it."

Listen to The Sweptaways feat. Marit Bergman - Christmas Party!

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