tisdag, december 11, 2007

Shout to the top

This is a manifesto.

Let it be heard, that on this day, we the few and righteous bla bla Nah, we have already published a manifesto! Long time ago, way, way back in 2004. From the start we said it out loud: Pop music deserves some respect. That is still our focus, still our aim.

Last week we held a first seminar in Stockholm. Besides the original line-up we were joined by Rasmus Fleischer too.
It was never said out loud, but in some parts, our original aim seemed to be there all along as a background in the discussion at the seminar. We never fell down the trap. Ah, yes, the trap. It is very hard to talk about the future of music, music that deserves respect, and not fall into the trap of the filesharing debate. The filesharing debate is over. There are nothing more to discuss. Unfortenatly that is mainly what is going on. Endless talks, discussions, laws, propositions and what nots about what to do about the big 'problem' of file sharing. Not much discussion about what to do if you are lost in music however. Or why to do it. Or for whom. Or how. Or where. And so forth.

There need to be discussions though. What are we going to do with our love for music? etcetera.

Soon there will be a longer summary of that first seminar. We hope these informal gatherings will be frequent in the future(not like in the future 2050, but as in the next coming months) and bring together a lot of people that usually wouldn't meet. The file-sharing war is over, you can consider these seminars as the United Nations of the music industry. There are no knock-down solutions, but a lot of exciting things to do, talk and think about.

In other news:
This guy, Daniel Kjellsson says some words(in swedish) about the current order of things. As we say here in sweden: Väl rutet! We wouldn't mind chatting to Daniel about how the future will look.

However, we wouldn't mind talking to Carl-Johan Bonnier either. We feel that there haven't been a lot of discussions between people in this crazy business. So far the discussions have been done in small circles of friends, in confrontative style in big media or at blogs, leading up to progress in some parts but no-one is really talking. Or maybe mainly, listening.

Anyone even remotely interested in taking part in our discussions/seminars, just drop us a line and tell us who you are and stuff to contact@hybrism.com and you might tag along next time!

Peace, after all, it's christmas: