söndag, november 18, 2007


Here is some Hybris propaganda and some general entertainment to go along with it so you will accept our propaganda more easily.

First propaganda: Elias and the wizzkids nice little feature at Pitchfork
Download "The Dance" there!

General entertainment: If you are old enough to remember the 70s, or sympathetic enough to dive headlong into the music world pre-arctic monkeys, like us, you might remember a time when looking like a lorry driver with heavy drinking as your main hobby was a totally ok look for a super mega star in the music world.
Demis Roussos were the king of kings during the 70s.

There are still pockets of resistance sporting the Demis Roussos style today. Such as:
Bonnie Prince Billy

or Rick Rubin

For example.

It's a relaxing style, it oozes self confidence and I dont care about you, and we love it. It's also worth celebrating since the look nowadays is totally hijacked by the media where its generally associated to al-quaida or some terrorstuff.