tisdag, juni 19, 2007

Easy listening

The worlds first official IFPI associated Mp3 blog strives on. Here's some various easy listening since living these days are just too easy. Got rich, didn't die trying, its' summer, living is fine etcetera.

OMD - Souvenir
Who can resist this easygoing video? It's the easy life to an easy tune. Brideshead revisited OMD style.

Herb albert - Rise

Herb Alpert is such a king amongst kings. The king of the easy trumpet. King of easy dancefloors since the 60s. A lot of our parents never heard original versions of foreign songs. To them, Herb Alpert made the dancefloors. Not The Kinks or Small faces. In 1979 Herb Alpert made "Rise". It's such an amazing song, it could have been made for the Miami vice tv series. Miami vice is the best tv series ever and we all want to live in it. Whenever you want the miami groove, plug this on your boombox on the beach and the feeling will be sweeter than ever. Let's go Rico.

Östen Warnerbring - Som en dröm

Easily the best swedish entry in the eurovision song contest ever. Maybe a little too much on the moody side to fit like a super easy song. But it's smooth as silk. It requires no effort what so ever to listen to. Silk n' easy.

Wax Tailor - Que sera

A little more on the modern side than Östen, but with the same smooth silk feeling. Trip hops not dead!

Update: we forgot one José Feliciano - California dreaming!

Contrary to popular belief The doors, The Beatles, The Rolling stones and The Mamas & the papas all are beaten big time by José Feliciano. You heard that Mojo?


Anonymous Fredrik said...

Som en dröm är fin, men Judy min vän är helt makalös.



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