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The worlds first official IFPI associated Mp3 blog!

Hello dear music lovers!

Since the global warming-summer we have in Sweden right now temporarily have a pretty chilly night in the Stockholmarea we had some spare time to listen to some music. That lead up to that this blog now is the first official IFPI associated Mp3 blog. Since we are board members in the swedish indie record label association SOM we are also indirectly members of IFPI where SOM is a regular member. Congratulation world! And congratulation IFPI!

Here is some great music uploaded to the WWW for your pleasure, with some modest description of the music. If you are Cat power, Mark E. Smith, Rigas/Moder Jord or the late Billy Mackenzie - congratulations, we adore your work. If you are a copyright owner(label, publisher etc.) and wants us to take down these mp3s: honey plz, we are a record label. As such we have endless resources and lawyers lined up just waiting to chew your head off. So bring it on! See you in court sucker!

The Fall - Lost in music

In Sweden and everywhere else in the world there is a boom of what is generally called an "Indiefloor". The Indiefloor consists of girls and boys in thight jeans, heavy makeup shaking their ass of to Justice. The Falls "Lost in music" works very well on these indiefloors, despite its conservative use of guitars & drums and the fact that it's 21 years old. This is just like old whiskey, getting better and better. And a great intro track to kick off our new IFPI Associated Mp3 blog!

Moder Jord Massiva - Håller mig tillbaka(Rigas remix)
Bonus Rigas remix:
Sir Eric Beyond - Democracy(Rigas remix)

It was sometime just over a year ago we heard Rigas remix of Sir eric beyonds "Democracy". Easily one of the best remixes ever done, we hailed Rigas as one of the best remix crews coming out of Sweden. Now Rigas has done it again with Moder Jords Massivas song "Håller mig tillbaka". Rigas remixes are pure perfectness and makes brilliant songs sound like thousands diamonds raining from the sky. Rigas are a gift from God. Rigas could be God.

Billy Mackenzie - Baby

"C'mon Billy come to me you know I'm waiting I love you endlessly c'mon Billy you're the only one don't you think it's time now you met your only son I remember lover's play the corn was golden we lay in it for days I remember the things you said my little Billy come to your lover's bed Come home is my plea your home now is here with me come home to your son tommorrow might never come Come on Billy you look good to me how many nights now your child inside of... don't forget me I had your son
damn thing went crazy but I swear you're the only one Come alone, Billy, now come to me come alone, Billy, now come to me come alone, Billy, now come to me come alone, Billy, now come to me come alone, Billy, now come to me come alone, Billy, now come to me come alone, Billy, now come to me come alone, and come to me"
There should be more songs about a guy called Billy. Billy Mackenzie should have his own day in the calendar. Someday, somewhere, there will be parades to his honour. Kings and queens will line up and acknowledge him, throwing rose leaves on the parades. Roses will run out that day. No roses-day they will call it. The only day to beat Valentines day in sales. It will be a fine day.

Handsome boy modelling school feat. Cat Power - Be my boy

Have there ever been a more fitting name than Cat Power? The power of the cat. Worshipped since egyptian times. Cat Power should have a pyramid built for her. In the future, there will be monuments built for Cat Power. She is a modern day goddess. Worship and obey her children. She is magic. One day she will return to her people and we will not see her for thousand years until they return and enslave us all. That will be a day of glory!


Oh, and by the way. Today the first ever swedish filesharer of music was convicted in court. The convicted was a disabled man of 44 years old, previously a lorry driver, suffering from work related injuries and forced into early retirement, his wife had recently divorced him too and on top of all that he got cancer as well. Now he has a 3000$ fine to pay for downloading four(4) songs off a DC++ hub. Some guys have all the luck, eh?

Let's just state the obvious once and for all:
You folks over at
IFPI representing the major labels and various other labels: We are not like you. We have not ideas like you have. You do not think like us. You are not like us. We are different. We will not stand silent as you go on with your shameful behaviour. You should all be ashamed of what you have accomplished. The glove was thrown long ago we guess. Whatever, we will never stand on your side again until you repent. You should all get on your knees and say you are sorry and cry, like japanese business leaders do when they error. You make things worse for everybody. That guy in court today was real, as all filesharers are. Real people doing real things. They are not collateral damage for your "Scared straight" experiment. That experiment are a failure, we can all for sure agree on that by know. So just stop it. This behaviour has gone on long enough.
This is a western clash of cultures and from this day and on we have given up on you IFPI-folks. You are financially dissatisfied and philosophically not trying. You have no creative ideas and your only effort to move forward is to apply old world ideas to new world conditions. Your world is bleak and somber, you see the walls come tumbling down in your fortress. No one supports you. We are having fun and the time of our lives. We have ideas and creativity. We will take over your playfield. We outshine you any day of the week. We have the power and respect. The people are behind us. Your days are numbered.

Have we made it clear now? En garde!


Anonymous Anonym said...

Way to go! A "Bob Lefsetz experience"!

Anonymous Songs I wish I had written said...

En garde!

Anonymous Martin said...

Cat Power-låten är fantastisk!

Anonymous henrik said...

hatten av.

Anonymous Anonym said...

Bomb all indiefloors.

Indie kids are the equivalent of the 70's Hippies, and should all be lined up and shot, pronto.

It's 2008, in case you forgot. Hth.

Warm wishes.

Blogger HYBRIS STHLM said...

"It's 2008, in case you forgot."

Is it? I thought it was 2007?


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