måndag, maj 21, 2007


Yes, summer is almost all over us. Festivals, sunny days, rainy days, walks in the park, walks in dusty concrete jungles, walks into rooms filled with friends, walks out of them heading to wherever the night will take us and so on etcetera.

A summer should also be packed with hits. Kalle J has probably made the hit of the summer with "Vingslag" with Nicolas Makelberge as guest vocalist.

Other people also try to do summer hits. Apparently they have been signed too. Good for them. We didn't think All ears would keep on to top the good hard laugh we had when we first discovered it. But they really are steppin their game up, really at the forefront of what-the-world-dont-want-right-now-music. Good luck to Bonnier amigo, maybe you can work something out with that hard-to-believe-how-bad-it-is music, maybe not. Our guess is you might, but not for long. Your days are numbered, can you feel it?

We, on the other hand, on this day the 21st of may 2007, salute Par Fredriksson and his instrumental masterpiece of a song: "Sommardepression". Long may you reign Par Fredriksson!

Check it out! The bringer of summer! Hallelujah!