fredag, maj 22, 2009

Vapnet meets Tilliander

Vapnet has made a version of Andreas Tillianders smash hit "Caught in a riot". Download it below! Two other pop remixes available too!

When you think of Andreas Tilliander, you don’t really think af pop-music. But when it comes to Morrissey, Andreas is fanatic. So to celebrate Moz 50 year (22 May). We decided to reveal 3 Andreas Tilliander-remixes that focus on the melodies. We enters summer and these remixes are perfect for dancing on meadows (with tulips in our back pocket).

Andreas Tilliander - Caught in a Riot (feat. New Moscow) (Vapnet Remix)

Vapnet may be Sweden’s best pop band and this is the sweetest treatment we ever heard. Vapnet take a look at the song and realizes that it might as well be an English version of one of their own tracks. And make sure that we hear it as they do. Flutes, xylophones and a tossing beat. Listen and smile.

Andreas Tilliander - Caught in a Riot (feat. New Moscow) (Kite Remix)

Kite is Christian Berg (Yvonne, Strip Music) and Nicklas Stenemo (The Moe, Melody Club). Together they make new wave/synth pop in their own special way. They turn “Caught in a Riot” to a duet and brings in something that sounds like a children’s choir.

Andreas Tilliander - Caught in a Riot (feat. New Moscow) (Data80 Remix)

Swedish electronic producer Håkan Lidbo goes under many names. His moniker Data80 can be found on many compilations, among them some coming from French babies Institibes. Håkan nourish the 80’s in this blipping poppy bon-bon remix.

DOWNLOAD all in a zip-archive.

Andreas Tilliander just released is new album “Show” on Adrian Recordings. He is right now busy touring.
You better come and dance:

2009-05-23 Debaser Medis - Stockholm (S)
2009-05-29 Parken - Göteborg (S) Adress: Vasagatan 43
2009-06-05 Eskilstuna 350 år - Eskilstuna (S)
2009-07-03 Arvikafestivalen - Arvika (S)
2009-07-04 Babel - Malmö (S)
2009-07-11 Rust - Copenhagen (DK)
2009-07-14 Rex - Umeå (S)
2009-07-29 ERA New Horizons Festival - Wroclaw (PO) DJ-set
2009-07-31 Norbergsfestivalen - Norberg (S)
2009-08-14 Flow Festival - Helsinki (FI)
2009-08-28 Fugazi Oslo (NO) Dj set 2,5 h


Anonymous monki said...

Vapnets och Kites remix låter fantastiskt när de spelas samtidigt!


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