onsdag, maj 06, 2009

All the songs at Spotify in one playlist

Here is a cool little Spotify tip:

If you type year:0-3000 in the search window at Spotify you get a list of all songs(about 3 million) that are at Spotify, sorted by popularity. You can also search any year if you write year:2007 for example you get a list of the most popular songs of the year 2007.

We have made a playlist of the 30 most popular swedish songs. See and listen to it here!
This must be a pretty unique list since it lists what people actually listens to, not what they buy or what they vote for on radio or the like. Sure there are last.fm but Spotify has to have a lot more users by now, in Sweden anyway.

Our own Familjen is on the list with his "Det snurrar i min skalle" at number 23. Pretty awesome to be number 23 of 3 million songs!(although all songs are not swedish ones of course) "Det snurrar i min skalle" is also number 149th most popular overall of all songs and the 12th most popular song of 2007!