onsdag, maj 13, 2009

Jonathan Johansson to sing in opera by The Knife

We are very proud and excited to reveal that Jonathan Johansson will sing in the opera that The Knife are writing for Danish Hotel Pro Forma! The opera will tour around Europe.
See more info and dates HERE. More dates will be added.

Dates confirmed so far:
2009 11-12 MayOperation : Orfeo Cankarjev Dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2009 2 Sep World premiere - Tomorrow, in a year Old Stage, Royal Danish Theatre, Copenhagen
2009 4-5 Sep Tomorrow, in a year Old Stage, Royal Danish Theatre, Copenhagen, Denmark
2009 11-12 Sep Tomorrow in a year Château Rouge, La Bâtie - Festival de Genève
2009 8-9 Oct Tomorrow, in a year Hellerau - European Centre for the Arts Dresden, Germany
2009 10-11 Nov Operation : Orfeo Le Volcan, Le Havre
2009 13-14 Nov Operation : Orfeo Théâtre de Caen
2009 27-28 Nov Tomorrow, in a year Large Hall, The Concert Hall Aarhus, Denmark
2009 1-2 Dec relief Muffethalle, Spielart, Munich

Full line up:

Concept, direction: Ralf Richardt Strøbech and Kirsten Dehlholm
Music, libretto: The Knife
Musical collaborators: Mt. Sims, Planningtorock
Choreography: Hiroaki Umeda
Concept and set design: Ralf Richardt Strøbech
Costumes: Maja Ravn
Light design: Jesper Kongshaug
Sound design: Anders Jørgensen
Singers: Lærke Winther Andersen, Jonathan Johansson, Kristina Wahlin
Dancers: Lisbeth Sonne Andersen, Agnete Beierholm, Alexandre Bourdat, Bo Madvig, Jacob Stage, Jan Strøbech

Production: Hotel Pro Forma
Associate producer: Quaternaire

Duration: 100 minutes, no intermission

About the opera:
Tomorrow, in a year


A Darwin opera
Time forms our lives, gives our existence meaning and populates the globe. Generations, eons and millions of years create the new and eradicate existences. Nature selects, invites, dares everything without limitations.

Tomorrow, in a year is an opera. The Swedish music group The Knife creates completely new compositions that challenge the conception of opera. The form is experimental and exploratory. The music is written for three singers who come from different backgrounds: electronica pop, classical opera and performance. They are structure, sensation, form, time and thought. They are the spokesman, the organiser, and the one who acts.

The Japanese choreographer and dancer Hiroaki Umeda creates the choreography for six dancers of different ages and physiognomies with a background in classical or modern dance. They are organisms, raw material, bodies that enter into various contexts. They are main and secondary characters in a changing process.

In November 2009, it is 150 years since Charles Darwin published The Origin of Species. Our view of the world has been changed forever as a result of the theory of evolution. Tomorrow, in a year uses Darwin’s way of observing and describing the world. Change as a process and the interrelationship of all things is the basic material of the performance. Darwin claimed that evolution is not linear but moves in curves, in leaps. Tomorrow, in a year points to evolution as a field of possibilities, where nature unfolds its great liberality, finding niches and new paths. A performance of evolution and change, of transformation and mutation.