fredag, februari 16, 2007

Robert Wyatt makes us love and hate Youtube!

Love Youtube:

Also, hate youtube. Cause maybe tomorrow, next month or maybe next year some old geezer will report the Robert Wyatt video to Youtube for copyright infringement. Please, old, old people with no clue. Stop with what you are doing. Just stop. You do not know what you are doing. Soon you will make people very tired of your habit of removing videos on youtube.
Fact 1: there are not an endless stream of entertaining clips on youtube. Not even an endless stream of entertaining clips in the whole world. TV is not very old.
Fact 2: the clips can easily be downloaded
Fact 3: sooner or later some kids will download them in masses, distribute them between themselves etcetera. You should know the drill by know dear major lables/indielabels
Fact 4: they will set up youtubelike sites in faraway places
Fact 5: they will use easy interfaces like ilovemusicvideo to congregate/browse these youtubelike sites
Fact 6: they will not need your shitty Youtube site anymore by then.

THEN WHAT WILL YOU DO? Huh? Can you spell N-A-P-S-T-E-R? Seems to us that's what you are about to construct all over again with your eager clickin on the 'report' button on Youtube, taking peoples accounts down for copyright violation. Can you, pretty please with sugar on top, stop acting like you all have amnesia? Surely you have to have some kind of memory of how it went down last time you tried to obstruct a centralized network of content in the good ol' Napster days?
You see, the content on Youtube, how locked in it can look to your old, old eyes, is not very much locked in. Everything can be extreeeemly easily downloaded using Ripmyvideos or Dubayou for example. If you can cut and paste a link and choose "save as" you can download a video from Youtube or any other youtubelike site like google video or whatever. To top it off, Youtube and the other video sites has compressed the videos for you in an easy to handle format and size, just like an mp3, only it's called 'flv' and is a video file that you can download. These low in quality, but obviously good enough for millions of user to enjoy, Youtube videos is about 5-8 MB large.
Now, how many Youtube clips do you think a couple of hundred thousands bored teenagers can download and save on their 500GB external harddrives during the summer holiday 2007?
Yeah, A FEW.

To have all people, all content at one place, doing the same thing, that is key. That key feature at Youtube you are about to waste.
Like have you never given a thought about why anyone ever gave a shit about music videos again? Remember the last like 8 years prior to Youtube? Remember how people like not gave a shit about music videos? Remember how a sizeable mass of content like a page with 1000 or so music videos attracted like zip/zilch/zero interest? People got to have huge amounts, like tens of thousands of videos. Tons of entertainment. From all over. The feeling of not knowing what this trip might take you, the feeling of complete and sincere surprise of what you might stumble upon, thats what people want. And they want it easy. And fast. They got something like that on Youtube now. But not for long, it seems.
Nothing have you learned and nothing have you been taking notice to the last 7 or 8 years or so it seems oh you sweet, sweet and old, old executives.
And yes, yes nothing is free in the world, people got to pay for music and blah blah, yeah but deal with reality. Like Adam ant, stand & deliver what the folks want: huge content for a small buck and you are home free.

Not that we care that much about you screwing up your future. We're just annoyed as hell that our bitchin playlists at youtube shows "this video has been removed due to copyright bla bla yada yada" each and every time.

Guess we just wanted to highlight this fact. Since Youtube getting all the biz in such a fuzz. To clarify what this main fact is: all kind of 'struggle' against Youbute videos is a waste of time in it's purest form and will eventually lead to the videos sprawling up at sites everywhere beyond all form of control. The strive for control leads to no control. Hard to grasp, but that's the truth of today: the less you try to control, the more control you will gain.
Yes, from a distance it might have looked that Youtube was something controllable. But, as you must have understand by now, it is not. If you let the content stay on Youtube and swell to a collection of entertaining clips impossible to not be charmed by, you stand a chance to actually get by the current status quo and develop new business models for distributing and getting the music out there.
If you do not, well, you will continue that crazy ride down the rabbit hole you seem so decisive to complete.

But hey, a ride is always a ride. Right?